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I have theories on who A is and who killed Ali!


1. Who is A?

I suspect there are two A's, for a start (because I read a thread saying "have you noticed that sometimes it is written -A and sometimes --A?)

The highest suspect on my list is...Ezra. It didn't occured to me during my two first watches, but I definitely suspect him.

I read (here, I believe), that in the episode "Can you hear me now?", Aria mentions his type writer, and later, when Ella receives the letter, it is written...With a type writer. So I started watching him closer. 

Again in the episode "Can you hear me now?', at the beginning, the girls see Ezra while he's on his bike. A few moments later, the girls see the paper with Ali's picture, saying "Ding dong the bitch is dead".

In "Keep your friends close", Ezra sees Aria with Noel and says he's okay with that, but later, Aria receives an A message telling her to read the book page 22, where there is, oh surprise, Ezra's poem!

And, he was at Camp Mona the night Hanna was ran over. I'm sure he saw Hanna when he arrived! 

And I seriously don't see who else could have tricked Noel by putting the answers of the test in his locker! It was mr.Fitz's test, he had the answers and had to get rid of Noel!

And I don't really see how could A have known that Aria and Ezra were going outside of the town togheter, so I believe that was an inside job when Hanna received a ticket to give to Aria's mother!

He was there most of the time when some A-things happened, or some A-text sent!

- The burial

- The text at school

- With the "Ding Dong the bitch is dead" thing

- At Camp Mona

- Homecoming

- Dance-a-thon

- The thing outside of town with Aria

So he's very suspect, but....It was impossible that he was (unnoticed) at

- Noel's party (when Emily's pictures are stolen)

- The party Mona organized for Hanna

- And I don't really imagine him at the hospital either.

Then I think the second A is...Mona. She has an agenda, she's quite suspect and I'm sure she is the second A!

What bothers me is that everything seems to say Mr.Fitz=Main big bad A, but he's so cute with Aria and I don't see what would his agenda possibly be! 



Now, the theory about Ali's murder...

There is definitely something going on with Spencer-Melissa-Ian. I bet one of them is the murder! 

In "Moments Later", Aly says "I told the truth at the wrong person and the wrong time, that's what got me killed". I wonder if Aly didn't say to Melissa she had an affair with Ian or something like that. I think Melissa killed Aly and that's the reason why Ian married her. I think he's blackmailing her: "get back to me or I'll say everybody you're a killer, mahahaha!"

And I always thought Spencer looked highly homicidal when in the first episode she says "She's gone...I thought I heard her scream". Maybe Spencer followed Aly to the kissing rock and saw that she also had a thing with Ian, and was mad because Aly threatened Spencer to tell the truth while she was herself doing the exact same thing.

Either way, I think one of the Hasting sister killed Aly!

And when the three with Ian and Aly's name was cut, at the end we see a very skinny person throwing it in the fire. Two characters have that specific figure: Ashley Marin and Melissa Hastings. But I don't think Ashley has anything to do with any of this, so my suspicion goes to Melissa!

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ooh, i never thought of ezra that way but you raised some interesting points! the thing is, why would ezra want aria's mom to find out about them - won't he get in some sort of trouble too?

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Yeah that's just the part I don't get: if I'm right about Ezra...just WHY would he act like that?


(Oh and in Bad Seed, both Mona and him were there in the room, so one of them can totally have put the cup with rat blood there!)

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Great points about Ezra. It also may seem like Mona is acting jealous towards Aria during the play practice scenes. This may be because she is working with Ezra and has feelings for him.

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ezra does seem very fishy in the finale preview! and after last episode, hes getting more and more sketchy!

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everything makes sense but what makes me just the tiniest bit skeptical is the VERY VERY end of Careful What U Wish 4 when someone comes to pick up their coat and aria's mom hands the person A's leather gloves, etc (this would make sense if he was working with someone). i really hope its not ezra!

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I don't think it's Ezra. Cause what you say, Aria's mom hands over A's coat and gloves and I didn't get the impression that she knew him, so I don't think it's Ezra. Guess we'll see next week?

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Ya thats right about the fact that Aria's mom didn't seem like she knew the person. But who knows? We won't know until we see it for ourselves but good points with the whole Ezra thing gives viewers a lot to think about.

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Kelsey Tutino

I love the ezra theory. I have some theories to some of the points you guys brought up, about azra wanting to expose arias mom and about the black gloves at the end of careful what you wish for.

 There is a point in one othe episodes, after aria and her dad make up and she goes upstairs to change out of her wet clothes when she gets a text from A saying that if a teacher and a student are messing around, then someone would get hurt.    If ezra is a, then he exposed the dad to the mom, who had an affair with a former student at hollice,  instead of his own relationship - he wouldnt do that to himself. and the reason for doing that, was because its the only he thing he had on aria, and the only thing he could do to damamge her without exposing himself too.

as for the gloves, the could have been the other A. she seemed to not not know who it was, she was just being friendly.

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i do think melissa killed ali, it would make sense becasue ali and ian had a thing. i think melissa was out, folowed ian, saw him kiss ali. it was melissas hockey sick so i think maybe she might have been getting back from jason because she figured out what was going on with ali and ian. or i think jason might have told her what was going on. so she wanted her stuff back from ali, saw them at the kissing rock, and that was the last straw, i think she waited for ali to get far enought away from ian, then hit her, but not hard enough to kill her, thats why i think it was a girl becasue if someone like jason had hit her it would have killed her. but mellissa? no. i think she dragged ali in the hole and left, burried the hockey stick and left ti at that. and i think she really did love ian, expessially when they were married, and i think thats why at first mellissa was seriously denying that her sister was telling the truth because she knew ian didnt kill ali, becaise she did it her self, and melissa has no idea who wrote the suicide note, she just knows that ian didnt write it, and i think ian knew that mellissa killed ali, but they loved each other so he didnt rat her out. so mellissa knows someone killed ian and wrote that note, and she knows there is something going on. obviously 'A' killed ian. because the horse shoe above where ians dead body was found. thats the one 'A' gave the jewlery person. but what i dont know is how 'A' knew where ian was hiding, the bitch just knows everything. so thats my theory on mellissa. i am also really leaning towards garett killing ali because of what she did to jenna; but that just me guessing, thanks for posting!! great theory and it gave veiwers alot to think about (exspecialy me!)  thanks!!

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