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So i noticed the other day when i was watching an old hitchcock film that it was kinda like ali's death. 

idk if anyones ever watched the film but its about this woman that goes on holiday with her companion. her companion runs off all the time playing with this guy whos wife died in a boat crash and hes lonely blah blah blah. So yeah the girl marries the guy and they live happily ever after (this isnt the bit i thought was like ali btw) 

They live happily for ages then she realises that shes a replacement for his dead wife and wants to jump out the window, but then they find his ex-wifes dead body inside a boat and it turns out that she didnt die in a boat crash she died because she fell over or something. 

In the end he tells his new wife that his ex wife (whos called Rebecca btw) that him and rebecca hated each other, and she came home and told him she was preggers with someone elses baby, but she wasnt really; she had a brain tumor and she was in pain so she thought if she made her husband angry he would kill her and she would be out of her pain. he just looks shocked and she walks around and falls over and dies so he puts her in a sinking boat and ships her off to sea. 

The last part could be something like what their using in the show. Like have you noticed all the hints Ali makes about death, which is pretty morbid and seems like she knows shes going to die.

What if Ali lost her V card that night Jason had a party? And she was worried about being pregnant so she went to see a doctor, but he told her she was terminally ill not pregnant? She only had a few weeks / months to live so she went and gave her friends the braclets to remind them of her when she was gone. After a while she was in lots of pain, so she made Ian or someone angry in the hope they would kill her. Remember in 2x22 when Ian says 'she just fell and hit her head' or something like that, what if that was actually what happened? Nobody actually killed her, she did just fall? 

Sorry I realise this is really really long, so you probably havent read most of this but can you guys tell me if it sounds plausible? 

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I would love this plot but Ian died even before 2x22,

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1x22.. im so blonde 

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aww bby


have you seen ezwah's british bro?

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yes! he was in loads of stuff on disney, hes quite cute... tho being related to ezra is guna really drag him down:/

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he is kinda cute

haha ezwah ruins everything 

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So thats where hes from :D

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lol i never seen the show, but did he use a faptastic brit accent lol

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no he is actually brit i think

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damn grrr this show needs more hotties but jason hot stuff dilaurentis always steal the show no matter how small his lines are

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