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Discuss the "Je Suis Une Amie" Episode from Season 1 here.

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April Rose

does anyone have any idea what the note that toby gives spencer in the book is???

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manda ♥'s PB SFM
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what does the title mean???


and it said something like

number system 1 2 4


but yeahh.. i ahve no idea :\

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does anyone have any ideas what the thing was at the end of the credits, when something was being repeated saying je suis...

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The note that toby gave her was in braille. it reads # 2 1 4 or # 2 A D. I think it's the latter because in braille, the # denotes a number, and if the # isn't present, it denotes a letter. I think the A D stands for Alison DiLaurentis. Something to think about with this twin theory floating around.

At the end, the radio thing was repeating "Je suis, Aime, Je Suis, Aime" Je Suis means "I am" and "Aime" means "friend". The title of the episode "Je suis une aime" simply means "I am a friend". NOOO idea what this means though. :/



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I really hope they don't pursue this twin theory..cos if it's the same as the books, it'll kinda ruin the surprise of who A is.

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For the title, which means "I am a (female) friend," then it could imply that A is a friend of the girls? Because during the A scene at the end, a french tape kept repeating "je suis," making the connection to the title.

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They will go with the whole twin thing cause it's an awesome twist to the fact that Ali and Courtney were twins.

A is Alison Alison was Courtney.
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