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first i love the tv series and i neeed to get the books

but how does alli stay without anyone seeing her ?


how the hell do they find out about courtney in tv series ?

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I dont think they will use the Courtney SL in the show (PLL is trying to b dif from the books so that the suspense and mystery is still there)

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If they use Courtney then she probably appears later I think... because for those who didn't read the books it would be a shocking twist at the end when the girls see Ali again...

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Wilden doesnt set the barn on fire...Ali did :] he just saved her bitchass kisses xoxo -A
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why did mona, the first A, send those messages to them. i thought mona was friends with hanna??

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If u pretend to be me u will end up like my sister —the real A lol so funny alison
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LOL bitch this ain't no RP blog
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In the books they meet Courtney at a press confrence after Ian and Jenna die. Then they start talking to Courtney and shes exactly like Ali blah blah blah w/e they all gon die in the end anyway

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Troian Avery Bellisario

Mona may die in the book, but not in the show, yet (??). Spencer is the first to find out that she is actually "A" and Mona is placed in basically insane asylum. she decided to be "A" because after Alison DiLaurentis died, Aria Montgomery, Spencer Hastings, and Emily steal Hanna Marin from Mona Vanderwall, because Hanna is the only one who was actually Mona's friend. i don't think they will be exposing Courtney, because Alison's parents would've considered Courtney DiLaurentis as "Alison's" killer. But, that is only an opinion of my own. We'll never know until it comes out.

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Phone me!

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