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iv always thought that maya could be involved. 

she had access to ali's house and probably some of her old stuff, clues ect.. 

if you think about the amount of drugs maya did/does, and how it would affect her brain on a long term basis; it would make perfect sense for her to be A. iv always thought of her being quite suspicious even when she was dating emily, (im still a huge emaya shipper for some reason). the only thing i can think of that proves A cant be maya is that she would have absolutely no motive to target the other girls unless she sees them as threats.. + she was in bed with emily when A sent that text.

shay accidently revealed in an interview that A is a girl + she said after her massage that it felt like a woman was massaging her. 

also at the end of the last episode you see A talking to Dr sullivan, we havent had any interaction between these two before, plus maya is supposebly back in rosewood now..


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It have not croos your minds that A could be Wren? If you guys check the last part of episode 2.08 at the morgue, the person covered in a sheets is definitely male, and that body look like Luca's or Wren's.

About Shay telling that A is a girl, they do not even know who A is, only the writers. I personally have always believed that A is a girl, Melissa to be precise, because when they show A, eventhough its hand are covered it look to me like female hands, So after episode 2.08 i believe A are more than one person.

About Spencer being A, i actually thought of it too, but i do not find any reason for her to be messing with the others and more if she was always the only one to face Alison.

Another theorie could be Jenna and Garret, why not?

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I honestly think it's going along with the books - meaning that A is Ali's twin, even though i also think its multiple people sometimes. In tonight's episode, the psychologist seems like she is looking through client files when she has the realization that she says "I know who this person [A] is." What she said made me think that she has had contact with this person before. I know that A was seen talking to her at the end of the last episode, but I don't think A would give her the quote "nosy b******" so soon after it was written menacingly on her wall. On one of the pieces of paper (I assume it was a client record, but i could be wrong), it said something like "she refers to her enemies as nosy b******." Since in the books Ali's sister is (was) in a mental hospital, don't you think that she has had some history seeing a psychologist before she was deemed mentally ill enough to warrant being sent away? It would be a pretty big coincidence that she had previously dealt with the psychologist that the girls confided in, but weirder things have happened in this show.  This could be completely flawed, but they are things to think about!!

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@lea I thought that in the books Mona was A. And in interviews they actor's said that they aren't following the books. That means that A is someone really different.

In the episode "I Must Confess" we see dr. Sullovin looking into a file that was written with red ink. It says something like:

What are the problem(s) you are seeking help for?

1. overpowering feelings of revenge;

2. anger management.

Then it says something ..... ill yourself? no-only others.

Then it says: often refers to unnamed adversaries as "nosey bitches".

I thought maybe it could be Jenna because she wants some revenge because the girls made her blind and she thinks they are nosey bitches because they are searching for things about Jason and Jenna and Garret. I don't know. What do you guys think?

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Actually i think A is yes a group of ppl including alison because she killed her twin sister Courtney because she tried to steal alisons life, and shes mentally insane so after alision can break out of the mental hospital, thats when she killed courtney. And ya it is mona most likely, he tries to push spencer off a cliff but she dodges and Mona falls to her death... Ya and i do believe that garret and Jenna, and Jason hav somethin to do with it though
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If you rewatch the scene and look at what's written above the part that says "overpowering feelings of revenge, etc." it has A's date of birth which is 1994. The number of the month can't be seen fully but it's probably 6 or 8, therefore July or August 1994. So A is probably Mona, Lucas or Jenna. I doubt it's Jenna because that's far too obvious.

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i think it said :

have you ever wanted to kill yourself? no only others.

+ your right it was abit weird useing that in a quote and writing it on the wall. wtf?

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i pretty positive that mona isn't A, mona was in maryland with hanna when "A" was massaging emily. 

also i really dont understand why everyone is saying that dr sullivan talked to A at the end of the episode last night. what are you all talking about? 

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It could be Mike because he is angry all the time and like Ella said, he is seeing a professional to help him... like the doctor Sullivan ! 

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How could A be Mike when in the client record it stated that the birth year was 1994, the same year as Aria's and the Liars?

Also, the person in the hoodie looks like a male, (He saved Spencer from Ian's attsck in the church) but that person may not be the one sending the texts. It may be a group consisting of guys and girls


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