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1. She's original.


Hear me out here:



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No she's not. She relies on other ppl for tips. At least I work alone and I dont need other ppl to get my work done. --A
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GG and Pll air Mondays at the same exact time, sorry GG but your ratings suck ass, A wins.
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Yeah, A wins big time since PLL surrounds over who is A while GG surrounds over who will Blair choose this time.

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sorry GG,

your balls got cut off ever since you let Blair's retardation run the show,

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    First and foremost, these two master puppeteers are hardly comparable. "A" is directional in her constant pursuit of revenge against our 4 protagonists. Also, A is the one threatening her victims, with attmpted murder in some situations. GG is omnidirectional. She is taken where the wind blows her like "Guest A" mentioned. Her motive is much like that of the joker's from the Dark Knight; going against the order and shaking things up. Most, if not all of her victims, are left unharmed save emotional and relation damages, sometimes monetary AND if someone is harmed, it is never by physical hand of GG. But who cares seeing as how most of the main characters in GG are millionares anyways.

  The reason why these two masterminds cannot be comapred is because of how the stories are built. "A" is the story teller. She is FORCING the hands of the townspeople of Rosewood through life-or-death situations. GG has no story she is telling. She is only an antagonist as much as the people let her be.

  If the people of New York City led straightforward lives without bribary or extortion, GG would cease to exist. "A", however, creates the chaos by herself.

  But this is really neither here nor there seeing as how you only have one reason for why GG tops A: GG is original. The following are my arguments as to why you are wrong.

1. Originality in what sense? Both characters came from two different book series. If you are refering to who came first, neither. Extortion through anonymous messages came long before these two girls ever existed. The advent of the text message does not make GG's extortion original.

2. Originiality does not/should not confer the title of superiority. The keyboard (you know, the thing you used to type your two-worded argurment) came after the typewriter. Same as purses to satchels and Avatar to Dances with wolves (this one is controversal). Unoriginals made to be improvements on the other. Even if "A" was copycat to GG, so too is she an improvement. "A" has taken GG's wayward actions, added actual danger, elbow grease (nonexistant for GG), and affecting an entire town while simultaneously having only a few affectees knowledgeable of her existance.

I'm sorry your wrong. "A" wins.



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