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oh and also, Mona confused me. she was a geek, then did the 'reow' at Ali? and her and Lucas seemed like they were friends or at least cared for each other..oh look it's my two suspects for A :p

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Mona did the "meow"-thing at Alison, because Ali couldn't see who she was. In her Catwoman costume, Mona could be just as cool as the rest of the girls, so she took advantage of it. The viewers know that it was Mona, but it was meant like Alison didn't.

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Mona 'meowing' at Alison. EPIC FUNNY!

Geek Mona is as awesome as Today's Mona!

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i have quite alot more respect for mona now, i mean she was as awesome then as she is now.

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It didn't think this episode was great. They made it seem like a really big episode and really scary, but it wasn't like that AT ALL. I'm actually kind of dissapointed about the episode. But I can't wait to January, to see the next season. The promo is really good.

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