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*Aria sent Ezra a text from an unknown number and the phone was clearly displayed in a shot.

*Aria cancelled on her plans with Ezra to stay with Holden because it was her plan. She sent her dad the note from ‘A’ and planned to not be caught with Ezra.

*Aria is the only liar not to have had a ‘near death experience’ or a real encounter with ‘Ali’.

*Aria was texting throughout the masquerade ball and was talking to an unknown person that the viewers were unable to see.

*Aria was the first person to see the person in the ‘black swan’ outfit and say ‘who’s that’ before they even knew to look for a person in a black swan outfit.

*Aria showed her darker side whilst being confronted by Ella about Ezra. She turned on her family in an instant; what is Aria capable of? Even she said ‘Sometimes you have to lie to your friends..’

*Why did Aria choose to wear Vivian’s coat?

*Aria is the only liar ‘shhing’ in the intro

*Aria was the only one that received a note from -A in the invite.

*Aria hasn;t been physically harmed or touched by ‘A’

*A didn’t start terrorizing the girls until Aria got back from Iceland.

*Jason also seemed to think something was up with Aria, because the girls found countless pictures of her in his shed one night.

*Aria openly admitted to being A to perhaps throw people off, reverse psychology.

*Aria has a key to Ezra’s apartment and so access to his typrewriter. Many of the notes have been if not texted, written using a typewriter. Typrewriters aren’t exactly common..

*Aria said all too quickly that she knew a shortcut to the viewpoint where Mona and spencer were.

*Aria was the only one that screamed at Hanna to not hit Mona with the car. She needs Mona. A needs Mona. They’re all in it together?

*Is Aria the black swan?


* In the doll shop in ‘If these dolls could talk’ the little psychic boy mentions how the Woman after Alison had ‘long brown hair, like yours’. Now even though the shot cuts to Spencer, he could mean Aria, as the lady then tells him to stop talking. Coincedence? Maybe.

*Aria was all too insistant in wanting to talk to Duncan to find out what he knew about Vivian. Why did she want to be alone? To be there to stop him if he knew too much?

*’A’ couldn’t be watching the liars 24/7 and so ‘A’ must have helpers. One of these helpers could easily be Aria. She seems to have the easy end of it all and is not there a lot of the times when things go down with A..

*Aria said herself [out of context] A is for Aria..

*Aria seems to be the one that the other liars often tell their secrets too. Hanna tells Aria. Spencer tells Aria. Emily tells Aria. They even said so themselves, Aria is the best at lying..

*In the cafe with Dr Sullivan, when A blackmailed her, the waitress mentions ‘pretty eyes’ - this cannot be Jenna so again, possibly Aria.

*The episode was called ‘unmasked’ and the only person who was unmasked was Aria as Ezra asked to see her whilst they danced.

*In a season 2 promo picture, Aria has chains around her ankles whereas the other liars don’t, perhaps signifying she is guilty of something. [picture below]


*Aria’s doll from ‘A’ says ‘make Jackie go away’ - this isn’t a threat, more like giving Aria a helping hand to get Ezra to herself and it will be highly beneficial to Aria.

*Aria either rolled her eyes or did some strange eye movement whilst dancing with Ezra..insignificant maybe, but weird??


*I think Aria has a resemblance to Vivian Darkbloom.. she also seemed taken back and shocked when recognised as ‘Vivian’ by Duncan

*Whatever A does it usually just hurts those around A or it benefits Aria.. it doesn’t directly harm her.

*Arias was no where to be seen when Hanna, Spencer and Emily were inside the creepy doll house/shop.

There are a lot more but it’s almost 2am and I have work in the morning. Add more if you can think of any? I’m not saying Aria is A but I think she has more to do with it than we first thought.

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11 posts
11 posts

One fan recently asked showrunner Marlene King about this theory via Twitter, asking, "how important was Aria's dress in the finale? Is it possible she is on the a team??"

Marlene, ever cryptic, replied, "it's All in the detAils."

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