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i havent streamed it yet cant find a free link atm :(

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I loved it! I finally feel like progress was made, a bit. I loved all the Montgomery family scenes. I like Mike a lot now. And it seems there's gonna be some Lucas/Hannah this half! eep. The actor who plays Toby has gotten better, his scenes with spencer were intense.


we all needs to livechat next episode!


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lul my favourite moments:

Spencer and Emily catfight

Mike was really adorable I woud love him more if he punched his sister instead

I lol'd when hanna accidentally ran over A

Emily finally got somewhat interesting

I feel bad for Ezra but meh he's dating a slut

My heart was really pounding while watching the chase scenes, I never felt this way about a show in months ever since TVD and GG went down the shitter.


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the montgomery family is love <33 and mike omg

lmao @ hanna running over A

but it was so stupid that they cornered A and he (pretty sure it's a he) did that ~shattering glass~ thing and ran away. couldn't they have just shone the flashlights into his face or something. i mean THEY HAD SHOVELS ALRIGHT. THE HECK.

but yes omg things just got srs now that they have A's phone omg 

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Haha Montgomery family didn't bore me for once and idc about Ezra was really cool that the girls pretended to fight for A fucking hated Garret Lucas Caleb scene confused me but Lucas minimized that tab on his laptop right away... Haha A or Aminion lost his phone, suck on that asshole
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oh yeah did I forget that Mike got off his period last epiosode and he became adorable again lul

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