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I personally thought the finale was a huge let down... Mona was such an obvious suspect that i did not once even contemplate that it would be her, so disappointing.  However, there are still some questions need answering...

1) Is A just Mona? Or a team? ...I'm guessing that the other team members where those in the group at the ball: Jenna, Lucas and the Black Swan.

2) Who is the black swan? It can't be Melissa as we would have seen her baby bump in the dress, so who else could it possibly be? As there are no other young, thin and attractive girls left in the show with dark hair.  It is not one of the 4 girls, so i believe it is either Vivian Darkloom, or a girl we havent been introduced to yet.

3) If A's (Mona's) phone was found by Spencer on the ground in one of the earlier episodes, what was Mona doing with that video of Melissa and Garrett in Ali's room the night she died? What does that have to do with her?

4) This is a weird one... In the finale, when Mona had the flashback and saw Vivian looking out of the shop window supposdely spying on 'A', she couldnt have been spying on 'A', as A is Mona and was in the shop with her? ...unless Ali thought A was the wrong person?


Let me know your thoughts!

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1. I dont think were going to find that out for a while yet:( 

2. I think it looks abit like Ashley.. js

3. She was spying on Alison because she was obsessed with her, so she would have just found that photo/ be involved somehow.

4. Mona is crazy, she could have changed that in her head or made it up? but maybe Ali was watching the wrong person.

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yeah i thought the black swan was either ashley or dr sullivan lol

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nah sullivan is too old

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and shes had a baby

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4. Spencer said to Mona in the car, "You didn't see Ali in Brookhaven, she saw you, you just made that story up." I think the flashback was just how Mona told Spencer the story.

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1. Yes, I think Lucas, Mona, Jenna and the black swan are working for A

2. Maybe the pregnancy isn't real... http://www.wetpaint.com/pretty-little-liars/articles/pretty-little-liars-finale-speculation-why-melissa-could-be-the-black-swan

3. If there's a group of people working for A... then it also have been Lucas or someone else that night

4. Mona could made that up or Ali was watching the real A... the one with the red coat at the end of the finale

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