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I think it could be

The Cop. Because he knows everything that happens.

Or it might be Ian - I don't know why though, lol

 But Jenna- it could be but wouldn't it too more obvious?

What if it's Spencer because was she the one that was looking for Alison when Aria woke the others up?

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It may not be Spencer because she was with the others when they were in the woods on the last episode? but could there be two "a's" ?

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Or spencer could have told someone to run over hannah,im not picking spencer as A but its just a guess, i also think its ian   but we just have to wait :0 ......

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not the cop please!!!

he's too hot for A!

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well if there are "A"s, I mean it could be spencer and ian..considering their history. but I don't think so

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 I know who it is in the books but about the tv show.. no clue,guess we'll have to wait and see

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i think its melissa. she had an obvious motive to hate spencer (she stole her boyfriend- twice!) which she told her straight to her face even after her fury about wren blew over, had the best access to spencers house where all the most important stuff happened (see: lipstick on the mirror), she dated ian who is probably the one who kidnapped (and killed?) alison, she would have had a reason to hate alison (maybe she found out about her and ian?)

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I think there are multiple A's. Cause how could one person know where all of them are and be watching them all at the same time unless s/he bugged them? Idk why, but I feel like it's the Cop, Mona, and Melissa. They probably all worked together.

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I never thought of A as the cop

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I never thought of A as the cop

me niether

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