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I dont like it. Most prolly cuz im not used to it but also cuz i dont see PLL as one of the main shows on the top. I barely found our forum D:


Also i couldnt sign in.

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I like it and I don't like it, I like it for the forums but not so much for browsing around

There are too many unneccessary sidebars but can I just say the ad box covering Aria's entire face on the banner is lulz


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I am not a fan.


I enjoyed the black blackground--it gives a sense of solitude. The light grey background doesn't suit the site. The advertisements stand out mroe too, which is all kinds of annoying.


And heh. Aria's face is blocked out.

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I feel it lags more now. And yes! WTH! I can't access my PLL forums straightaway </3 :(

I hope they introduce a feature where registered members will get to choose what top shows appears on top of the site. That will be totally cool.

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I just noticed the lag. wth.


IA Fizzy and Aquariuz.

And lol @ Aria's face being covered. But yeah I hope they add PLL on the top like the other shows. Our lil community was just growing. What a shame.


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dude i love Aria alright, i want to see her face! and yeah i don't like the bannerand damn straight, i reckon the PLL forum is quite popular 

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I don't particularly like it but we all hate what we don't know so in a week's time, we'll get used to it :) Just sad that Aria's face's covered :P

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At first I thought I was on the wrong site! And I hate that we have to first find the main page of the show to get to the forum... why isn't PLL up there as a main show? But I like the design!

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When I first saw it, I also thought I was on the wrong site until I saw Damon picture stating that they made changes. I will also love it if they let us put our favorite shows as our top sites because I don't like NCIS or Glee.

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I will also love it if they let us put our favorite shows as our top sites because I don't like NCIS or Glee.

Can we do that? How? :)

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