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The last episode of Season 3 shows Em's has really been shot by her newly wed husband, Daniel. Not once but twice. Lydia really set her up. Showing up on the honeymoon boat. Lydia has her own revenge toward Em's and I think she recognizes her from the organization that Lydias ex husband belonged to. Didn't Em's introduce Lydia's, Ex hubby, to his present wife. Lydia worked as David Clarke's secretary before he was framed and then made her moves on Conrad, plus seeing $$$$$. Perhaps she recognizes Em's as David's daughter when she was little. You can't mistake those eyes. Lydia hasn't verbally disclosed her reasoning for not liking Emily, but she'll be Emily's next target, I'm sure. Lydia's just as bad as Victoria, if not worse! Patrick, Victoria's son, accidentally found the remote to Nolan's safe. Will he be tempted to look inside? I'm sure he will and then he'll find Emily's Infinity Chest and those journals which will disclose a lot of the truth about the people his mother was involved with, along with his step father, Conrad. Jack was truly worried when Ems didn't show up on the beach and he was the first to run into the water to find her, as Aiden picked up Em's blood stained toile. Daniel will probably get an annulment, now that he knows Em's wasn't pregnant and he can pick up his relationship with Sarah. Or, could Sarah pick up with Jack. They would make a nice couple and she does resemble Em's and faux Amanda. After all, little Carl needs a new mother. Jack just doesn't trust Emily any more and Aiden is always in the way. Charlotte, will lose all respect for Em's when she finds out the truth about the fake pregnancy and will strive to push Daniel and Sarah closer than ever. Nolan is still protective of Em's and if Patrick starts sneaking around his house, he'll feel the wrath of Nolan. Does anybody else have some insight into Season Four?

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Season three is not finished, there is just a Christmas break now then three episodes in January. Then there is a mid season break and Season three continues in March, finally winding up in May 2014. I think there will be 22 episodes in total in season 3. I'm not sure whether a forth season is confirmed yet but I think it is pretty much certain.

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