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if you thought the show would be on the likes of the vampire diaries, you have got it all wrong. the episode was straightword and anyone who has watched tv for a long time would have seen most of the scenes coming. it was too typical and boring for my liking. The obvious romance that will eventually happen makes it a little boring. The father who will surely return.

Aha, why did i expect so much more!


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I think the problem are te huge amount of previes we saw! I think that just 4-5 scenes were unfamiliar to me!

I think thez have a lot potential! And some nice stories to tell! for me the best part was the more small town feeling that they've transfered really well to us and the creepy "everyone will stab U, don't trust anyone " feeling really catched me through the show!! It wasn't perfect, but some shows had better premiers but got cancelled sone after it! For me the VD premier wasn't better than this but they've come a nice way and made me watch it every week!


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I watch alot of shows, and I really do mean alot. But was I at all disapointed by this pilot? Not. One. Bit. I have to admit it, I honestly loved this pilot. I agree with Spindae, the small town vibe is so perfect for this show, and I can see it leading to so many great things. And yes, at times it was a little predictable, but I have come to recognise a pattern in many shows. They always have a habit of changing everything when you think you have it all figured out. I also agree that the romance seems a little too foreseen, but sometimes those sorts of things just keep me coming back for a show. (Yes I am a sucker for romance.)

But as this is just my opinion, I am so eager to read other's comments and know everyone's take on the introduction on what I'm sure will be a hit show. 

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I actually liked the pilot. I wasn't expecting it to be a replica of tvd. Also tvd started out like shit. Jus sayin'

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Just like the others who have replied to this, I have also watched too many TV shows for my own good and can honestly say that this was a very satisfying pilot. I thought that the pace was good and it really set up a lot of things that the show will be able to tackle throughout its run. Although there were undeniably some predictable scenes, all shows have them anyway. I think this show has a lot of potential and it was shown from the pilot. 

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I loved the Pilot. It showed how Cassie is struggling with the fact that she's a witch and wants nothing to do with this gift and it might seem a little rushed, that they would show Adam and Cassie growing closer to eachother in the first episode, especially with him being in a 3 year relationship with Diana...but earlier in the episode, Adam's father told Cassie that she and Adam are literally destined to be with eachother, which can sound cheesy to some people...but it gives us a chance to see how fate, over time, brings these two together and what happens when they mess with fate and go towards a different road. Clearly there is some astronomical chemistry between the two, and it'll be interesting to see how that progresses. Also, I loved how dark and creepy Charles is, especially when he was practically drowning Adam's father. He does a good job with getting the point across.

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