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In the first episode we learn each circle has 6 members. Well there are way too many parents who are witches for this to make sense.Maybe they haven't explained everything to us and maybe they're not all apart of the same circle but this should've at least been established.

Faye's mom AND dad were witches (2)

Cassie's mom was definitely in their circle and her dad was a witch but we know it was with dark magic so let's say just the mom for now (1)

At least one of Melissa's parents (1)

At least one of Nick's parents (1)

Diana's dad is a witch (1)

Adam's dad is a witch (1)

That already makes 7 so confused...

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It was revealed there were more circles in Chance Harbor, my guess is that the parents were all witches but just not all from the same circle (calvin mentioned something like that to charles in 1x07). The thing that i don't get is that aparently the parents were all 16 when they got children ? Not to mention all at the SAME time ? Like they made a pact or something lol. And since Jake is the older brother, then they must have been 14 or so ?
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Yeah, I was thinking about that the other day because they said they all died well teenagers but they have children so they all had children at 16? I think the writers messed up on that, because that makes no sence. Also I dont think other circles really mingle with each other, I think they just messed up on that because the way they were talking it made it sound like almost both parents of each kid's parents were in the circle, because otherwise wouldn't the kids suppose to be part of another circle too? I dont know its confusing, but I think it was a mistake on the writers part.

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I think both of Nick's parents were witches, because they both died in that fire.

And all of them lost at least 1 parent in that fire (except for Nick), that means that Diana's parents are both witches (her mom died). I don't know if Adam's dad is a witch, but Adam's mom died. And both of Cassie's parents were witches, that means that all the parents of the children are witches. Maybe there were 2 circles?


@ Court-Jess and Bella * {under Stefan's compulsion}   I think you are a teenager until you are 20. So they could also be 18 or 19 when they got children. (At least, in The Netherlands you are a teenager until you are 20)

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I don't know about Melissa's parents, I think she still has 1, that means that 1 of here parents is also a witch. And Faye's parents are both witches.

Melissa (1??)Faye (2)Diana (2)Cassie (2)Adam (1 or 2 I don't know about his dad)Nick (2)That means 10 or 11 witches

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All of that has been confusing me too. The fact that they all coincidentally had children at the exact same time and most likely at a very young age. Cause even if they were supposedly 20 that's still relatively early for all the parents to have had kids at the same time. I think though that being bound to different circles is a logical explanation for the parents and their respective circles. There are definitely a lot of inconsistencies and holes in the back story of the parents and hopefully the show will address them so we can understand it better.

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Cassies mothe was part of the circle! 1

Faye's and Diana's Dad's ( because they parents were-are elders) 2

Adam's Dad as well! 1

So Nick Dad or mom was part of the circle! 1

and Mellisas mom( I guess cause of they search after the book in slither)! 1

Equals 6!?

The questions are:

How is Dawn connected to the circle and how got she her powers!?

Were both of Nick's and Jack's  witches and who of them was part of the circle!?

Was Dianas and Adam moms a witch or other kind of psychic-supernatural being!?

Is Mel's Dad a witch!?


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lol yep..... hopefully the show will provide insight

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What also bothers me - apart from what has already been mentioned - is Mellisa's dad. Every other parent of the current circle is either alive or has been confirmed as dead. But about him?

Also, I wonder how many elders there are? The show really needs to clarify the witch status of the parents. So far, we've been introduced to three elders, with the fourth on his way, but thre are still a lot of questions in the open regarding The Elders.

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The whole them having children at a time close to each other is explained in the books, but the books are a lot different than the show so they'd probably change it.


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