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Hey everone, I'm proud to be the first to post and excited to ask: Who is your favorite character so far? I've gotta go with Faye. Phoebe Tonkin just looks to be having so much fun playing her!

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HEy, yeh im a big Faye fan too, expecially after the pilot. Have to say i like all the characters. Diana also stood out as  a strong asset to the show, and i have high hopes for Nick and Melissa when they get rollin!!

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I just watched the pilot and I'm already OBSSESSED! I liked the bad guy a lot, Diana's dad. He's so creepy, I can't wait to learn more about him and the other parents. Other than that, all the characters were pretty strong, I am especially intrigued by Nick, Cassie's neighbour: I am sensing a love square between Cassie Diana Adam and NIck.

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I just watched the pilot twice and here is my take on the characters and future hopes:

1. Cassie:- well she is great and I like the idea of her and Adem. however I do not want them to end up together any time soon. I think she should first date the neighbour - Nick.

2. Adem:- He is kind of quite and plays like he is going to be torn between two girls. But like his father said him and cassie are written in the stars and they are meant to be together. the only problem I have is he wears a lot of eye liner . He looks like a Gipsy.

3. Pheobe: - I have no idea about her yet.

4. Faye:- she is the bad girl who doesn't want to be restricted. she wants what she want.

5. Diana:- she is sweet and kind of wants to be safe. She only wants to use her power for good. She is kind of goody goody.

6. Nick:- He is kind of quite and i havn't figured him out yet.

 Overall I kind of like this show. I can easily be obssessed with it.

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I love Faye. She's a bad ass.

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my vote goes to Diana! this girl has a lot of potential! and i hope they do her character right!

truly faye and melissa are fun to watch and i <3 pheobe tolkin, but i go with shelley!

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I'd hate to be total cliche and say that Cassie is my favourite, but she is by far. I don't exactly know if it is because of her character of because I love her as an actress. Either way, I can honestly say that if I were just told that I was a witch, I would basically react the same, and maybe it is this that draws me to her character. The simple fact that I can totally relate to her! I love this in a show, which makes me think that I will be counting downs the day every week just to watch the next episode. ^.^ 

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#1 charles/charlie/the bad guy/guy from hellcats? Possibly evil, kinda hot...

#2 Faye

#3 Faye's mom

Not liking Diana or Adam or the grandmother too much

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Definitely Diana, she's like this illustrious leader of the circle yet still maintain to be weak and strong at the same time.

Adam, he comes in second just because he has piercing eyes and a hot attitude

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