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Although i have to admit i only skimmed the books, and i know the show is going in its own direction, I would like a few things to play out similarly. I liked when Faye had Cassie over to experiment with magic and they put spells on the pizza boys. I have a feeling that this might come up in the show in some type of capasity as Britt was saying she filmed a reli great scene between herself and Pheobe in which their characters spent the night experimenting with the craft.

I'd also like if Diana and Faye were cousins in the show, as I feel they have a great dynamic on screen, and if they had family ties it could add for more drama. 

Things in the show I am deffo lookin forwrd to include Chris Zylka playing Faye's ex boyfriend. can't wait to see what trouble he stirs up for the circle.

Anyone else looking forward to anything in particular?

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I really hope the show starts out interesting. Usually in the first couple of episodes in a new airing show start out boring.


Other than that I don't have any specific hopes because I haven't read the books lol.

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Yeah i havent read the books either... Are they good?

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i hope it will go it's own direction! take the best of previous shows(charmed and  VD) and turn it in his own direction! the cast is solid and the rest depends on script! hope they introduce some new creatures as fairies etc, cause i don't think they will just stick with witches maybe some demos etc!!

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My hopes are that the writers don't treat Cassie like Elena in S2 of tvd.

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I hope they elevated the cast's acting and dialogue so the show seems a bit less teenager-ish...


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From what I can tell already, Cassie is more versatile and dramatic then Elena...and already, I have high hopes for the show and think that they could do alot of great things with it.

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The show is totally different from the books.

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I like the feel and tone of the show -- I think the show SHOULD stay teenager-ish, as it is about 16-year-olds, and not many teenagers are sophisticated. I think that's what makes it fresh. However, I think that's why I was so offended by the "morning after" scene between Nick and Melissa -- Kevin Williamson seems to pander a lot, assuming that teenagers should be having sex all the time. It's ridiculous. In fact, I think teenagers only started becoming insanely sex-obsessed when shows started depicting it all the time and glorifying it, like his shows.

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I had 14 or 15 years old at the max, so "morning after" nick/melissa was really weird... I was like... "Oh... these 14 year olds with no parents... random sleepovers and nobody cares...

I have no idea how old they are supposed to be.

That's probably something I hope the show reveals.

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