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so since the show is starting to pick up and we are seeing more potential ships i want to know who you guys would like to see as a couple or just want to see together. 

anyway here is so far my ships.

Cassie and Nick = CassNick - i don't know i just like them together, i just think somehow it could work. also i saw this image where nick was like in his window with a sketchbook asking Cassie if she's ok and Cassie was like sweet and her usual self nodding back and i just somehow felt a spark between them.

Diana and Adam = AdIana - i think they are just perfect for each other. theres one problem though sometimes it seems like Diana is Adams older sister. 

Faye and Adam = FaDam - lol i find them sweet together, i saw some interview with both of them in it and they are adorable together.

what about you guys?

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I'm a sucker for the Cassie and Adam pairing just becausse it feels like they're supernaturally bound to one another. It's hard to resist that. And you can just see the sparks between them whenever they perform magic together so it's add more to that irresitible supernatural spark that they have going on.

But at the same time, Diana and Adam were cute together during the scene in the car. I think that was the first time we really saw them as a couple and it was nice to see. I like how vulnerable Diana was during that scene and it was all because she was with Adam.

I haven't really seen anyone withc Nick just because I haven't seen enough of the character to judge.

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I'm rooting for 

Adassie (Adam and Cassie)- I really sense alot of chemistry there and if they are in fact, destined to be together, then I expect alot of interesting scenes between them. I just wonder how it's going to work, with him being with Diana.

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i personally love nick and faye.. and diana and adam.. nick and faye because i want a couple wit a bad boy and a bad girl and see how they break down each other.. bcs it is usually typical for a good person to break down the bad.. lets try it differently this tyme.. and diana and adam bcs she is sweet and they have already hav had 3 yrs together witout interuption y start now?

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NICK AND CASSIE ALL THE WAY BB (cassick ftw). I bet it's going to end up that way. Just because Adam and Cassie are meant to be attracted to one another, doesn't mean she is going to end up with him. She could be with someone else like her mom. I saw a lot chemistry between Nick and Cassie and I haven't really seen them speak to one another much.

Also I guess Faye and Adam (adaye? lol). But honestly, I don't like the guy who plays Adam. They should have casted someone better.

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Cassie/Faye have more chemistry than Adam/Cassie.

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Faye/Diana (Fayana) is the only pairing I'm really shipping. I love these two together~

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Faye/Adam Cassie/Nick
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Faye and Jake ... Jaye? Fake? :DDD Ok Jaye sounds much better

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