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After 1x09 we all were shocked to know there is an other JB child there!

and the guessing started!  We all focused on the inner circle, but why it wouldn't be some cousin or someone near!

For the inner circle I said already Melissa is my guess!

But i found this : http://bookofshadows.cwtv.com/melissa/holed/ , Mel half sister or something like that from her Dad's first marriage could be a Balcoin!

What do U think?


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I may be wrong, but didn't last nights episode go out of its way to prove that Faye isn't other other child of blackwell? Considering she spent the whole time trying to gain individual power, and everything failed? even when u look at the clips for next weeks episode, her having individual power is resulting from harm being put on the other members?

therefore, my guess is Diana or Melissa. I would like it to be Mel for the sake of it being interesting, but im also leaning towards diana, as she is one of the only members of the circle who hasnt even ATTAMPTED to do individual magic, just told people she couldnt. AND her familys book of spells has loads on evil and demons....

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