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i'd say twilight.... sorry

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Personally, I like Twilight and The Vampire Diaries better, but i like all three. I like that fact that TVD and Twilight aren't as graphic/explicit with sex/nudity/violence for shock vale/to get/keep people interested. Yes, I know TB is for adults and TVD/twilight is for a younger audience but plenty of adults watch TVD/Twilight-i'm 30. The excess sex/violence is a bit of a turn off as is the opening song/credits on TB. I wonder how many kids under 18 watch it cause they shouldn't be. iMO, TVD/Twilight has better writting-season 2 of TB was awesome, season 3 ok but a bit boring compared to the other 2- but better than season 1 with the fang banger serial killer sl.

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I think the charcters are better/better written and cast better looking in Twilight/Vampire Diaries than TB too, though TB does have attractive cast members too-Sookie, Bill, Eric,Godric..

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This post? Just no.

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First of all, let me say that True Blood 1-3 was good, especially considering that this was the first episode. Alan Ball does a good job of establishing a realistic setting (the town of Bon Temps, LA) with a believable scenario in society recognizes vampires. The sex, while graphic, is sufficiently twisted, establishing some of the differences between humans and vampires. The dialogue wasn't bad and the somewhat campy atmosphere of the show hooked me in and gave it a genuine air of back-country sex and scandal. The acting of the major characters was solid, with Anna Paquin providing a solid portrayal of a young Southern woman tormented by hearing everyone's thoughts yet clinging to her values.

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I am watching true blood via Both are great shows! the difference is that I got to enjoy true blood more since the show is on a continuous evolution. 

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Omg, what is this?

This Rob guy looks like he has a desease.

But then Eric ...


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Twilight is now my least favorite and I think it's pretty awful compared to True Blood and Vampire Diaries

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The first vampire show/movie i watched was twilight. but then i found the vampire diaries and now true blood. compared to these to shows twilight is more than boring!! (to me)

i wanted to watch twilight on dvd last week and i stopped after like 5 minutes because i was so bored.

my very favourite is TVD though. But True Blood is awesome too!!

I know many twilight fans would kill me for that and i even used to be a big twilight fan. but i really don't know why anymore. especially the character of bella. I just can't relate to her at alll!!!

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I ain't never actuall "True Blood", but i heard it should be very good.

"Twilight" isn't a show.

It's a series of movies.

And second of, you(Eric Hochberger) say it is inevitable to compare them because they both have vampires?

Do you compare "True Blood" to every vampire movie/show there is?

Such  as, "The Vampire Diaries", "Underworld", "Blade", the old Dracula movies, "Vampire Hunter D", "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"?

There is probably tons more, but i don't know them all.

And lastly, "Twilight" sucks. Bad story, bad acting and bad books.

It is the worst thing in cinematic history. This is not just an opinion, this is facts.

I would rather watch something like "Mean Girls"(even though i am a guy) than i would watch  "Twilight".

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