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From THR:



'Vampire Diaries' Cast, Producer Reveal 12 Teases for Season 3 and Beyond



Executive producer Julie Plec and cast members Steven R. McQueen, Candice Accola, Michael Trevino and Zach Roerig were on hand to preview the final three episodes -- and just where Mystic Falls will be for season four.



Week in and week out The Vampire Diaries features a slew of knockout moments (most recent example being last Thursday’s steamy Damon and Elena makeout), but as the drama closes the books on season three, the chaos is just beginning.



At a screening of this week’s gut-wrenching episode “Do Not Go Gentle,” which revolves around Mystic Falls’ 1920s dance, executive producer Julie Plec, along with cast members Steven R. McQueen, Candice Accola, Michael Trevino and Zach Roerig gave a roomful of reporters some insight into the madness. Topics ranged from death (it’s up in the air how many people may die, either physically or emotionally) and love triangles (it’s not just about Damon-Elena-Stefan) to massive transformations and the fight against Klaus.




Here are 12 teases for the final three episodes – and beyond – from the Vampire Diaries gang:



1.   Brotherly Compromise: In the episode airing next week, there is a sweet moment shared between Damon and Stefan, one that shows that though they may be in love with the same girl, “they might just survive this,” Plec teased. When Ian Somerhalder came into the The Hollywood Reporter offices recently, he revealed just what Plec was alluding to, saying that the Salvatore brothers decide that whoever Elena ultimately chooses will stay, while the other one will leave town.



2.   Stefan Revisits His Emotions: There are several key Stefan and Elena scenes in tomorrow night’s episode, though one is broken up by one of Mystic Falls’ favorite “villains.” In any case, it’s a big step for the once-happy couple. “It’s finally him saying [to Elena], ‘It is OK to feel. I heard you all those times when you that. Now let me give that back to you'," Plec said.



3.   Caroline’s Multiple Suitors: If Caroline was in her current predicament (with Klaus and Tyler vying for her affections) in season one, she may have dealt with things far differently than she has. At the moment, Caroline – as it’s seen in Thursday’s episode – sticks with her gut and fends off Klaus’ advances at the dance, which ends up pissing off Tyler. “She is fighting like hell to have a normal relationship with her boyfriend in high school,” Accola said. Trevino added that Tyler just “might take some action” when it comes to Klaus in next week’s episode.



4.   Simpler Times: The finale will feature a glimpse into Elena’s life in simpler times, when vampires weren’t in the picture. But there will be a small nugget revealed. “It’s a small little runner that goes throughout the episode as Elena is looking back at a part of her life when things were more simple, at least from a supernatural level,” Plec said, who was adamant in saying that the incident that killed her parents was “an accident.” “We actually will get a little flash of something else during that happened during that time that we didn’t really consider and it’s more an emotional thing than it is a suspense thing.”



5.   On the Up and Up: Though Jeremy started the series on the wrong foot (drug issues and all), according to Plec, now that he’s back in Mystic Falls, “Jeremy is on the up.” So if there was any doubt or reason to believe he had ulterior motives with any developments (especially in regards to the Delena kiss), put them on the back burner – for now.



6.   Damon’s New Drinking Buddy: Dr. Meredith Fell (Torrey DeVitto) could be sticking around past the third season, Plec said, even entertaining the fact that Meredith could become one of Damon’s new drinking buddies. Or perhaps more?



7.   Rebekah’s New Ally?: When posed the question of whether Rebekah will find someone who will stick by her side, Plec was coy, bringing up the May 10 season finale as a possible indicator of more to come on that end.



8.   Series Endgame Set: Plec revealed that she and executive producer Kevin Williamson set the series’ ending while writing the seventh episode of season two in an Atlanta mall. “We were tired and stressed and talked about the last character moments of the show and both started crying in the middle of the mall and just felt like that was right,” she recalled. Ideas as to what the lasting image could be?



9.   Shift in the Gilbert Household: After “Do Not Go Gentle” plays out, there may be a change in the Gilbert house – and it’s a doozy. We won’t reveal just how said change happens, but someone else may have to step up in a very big way.



10. Safe for Now: With Jeremy back home, will the ring have the same impact on him as it does on Alaric? Maybe, but maybe not. “It definitely means that the stakes of death and resuscitation are possibly not as intense for Jeremy as they were for Alaric,” Plec said. “It might not come in the form of Jekyll and Hyde alter-ego.” The rings will “be in play for awhile,” she also hinted.



11. Heading Off to College?: Season four will “take us through the rest of their final year in high school,” Plec says. “They’re making decisions about their future … Do I stay or do I go?” Will there be a Mystic University that pops up? “No, there will not be a Mystic U, although how great,” Plec said. “Grams taught at a nearby university and Jenna was getting her masters degree so there’s something out there that we’ll be introducing and seeing in season four.”



12. Matt and Elena, Not so Perfect: The finale episode spotlights the imperfect relationship Matt and Elena shared. “We get a nice little flash of when they were dating, that they were themselves a troubled relationship,” Plec said. “Even though she’s remembering a simpler time, her problems were just as complicated.”



To tide you over until Thursday’s eventful episode, which is heavy on Alaric action, here’s what Plec offered: “Tyler wears a badass fedora, Matt wields a rifle, Jeremy brandishes a crossbow and the beautiful Caroline Forbes has found an excellent lipstick dress.”






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Why is Meredith staying snd can the Salvatore brother bonding be about anything else instead of Elena for a while. I serious think the only one heading off the college will be Matt so he can you the loans to help pay for his bills. We already knew Alaric was going to die so maybe Elena can become a adult for once and get a job.

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All that cheered me up in this was that Rebekah might be in s4. Yayyyyyyesssssssss my bby
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I don't really want to see Meredith beyond this season...she does not add anything to the show, why does she have to be Damon's new drinking body? 

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1. Brotherly Compromise

So it took them 3 seasons to get a half assed version of what ELENA achieved within one book? Great, writing here, folks...really great.

2. Stefan Revisits His Emotions:  

So he continues to be a despicable wimpy edward. Meh

 3. Caroline’s Multiple Suitors


 4. Simpler Times:

too fucking late.

 5. On the Up and Up: 

No one cares about germy.

6. Damon’s New Drinking Buddy 

One, Alaric's so dead. Not that I care.


 7. Rebekah’s New Ally?

Why should we care? When was the alst time Becky did anything beyond pining over guys or b eing pathetically weak?

8. Series Endgame Set 


Lemme guess, they all turn human. 

9. Shift in the Gilbert Household: 

Alaric's so dead.

 10. Safe for Now:

 So bassicallyr ing is back being a pointless plto device?

11. Heading Off to College? 

Considering we never saw them heading off to school, why should we care?

 12. Matt and Elena, Not so Perfect

stop blowing holes in my ship, plec.

cardbaords should jsut hook up and die at once.  

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The inconsistencies....


Tyler turns into a wolf over and over again and suddenly he is stronger than an Original hybird. BS.


A) Klaus still should have more strength, because regular wolves, separate from the full moon are not powerful enough to go up against a vampire. Remember Mason and Damon? Or Caroline and Mason? Mason, or any other wolf, turned for years and they still were no match against a vampire alone.

So that shuts down the wolf part of Tyler.

B) Klaus has more strength as an Original (on the vampire side), so it is ridiculous that Tyler could go up against him alone.


The writers don't think when they pull stuff out their asses.


Also, Meredith as Damon's new "drinking buddy"? Translation: A female version of Alaric there to console him while he continues to cry over how Elena doesn't love him....


I'm so thankful I have other shows to amuse me.

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*Original HYBRID

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Also, Meredith as Damon's new "drinking buddy"? Translation: A female version of Alaric there to console him while he continues to cry over how Elena doesn't love him....


Wow, well that will be a pair...can't even remember how many scenes they have had togther, but I guess she will force herself to listen to Damon's confession so that she could hijck more vampire blood from

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^I can see that now. lol Damon is sitting there going into one of his ridiculous irrational ramblings while Meredith gets her needle ready.

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Wow, well that will be a pair...can't even remember how many scenes they have had togther, but I guess she will force herself to listen to Damon's confession so that she could hijck more vampire blood from

What's more ridiculous is how that "hint" also hints at "possible romance" between them which is even more ridiculous. 

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