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The Name KOL is a boy's name . The origin of the baby name KOL is Norse with the meaning(s) depending on Gender/Origin being

The name Kol is a baby boy name. The name Kol comes from the Danish origin. In Danish the meaning of the name Kol is: Coal, the color black. An Old Danish name from the Viking age.

So, Klaus is german (Yes, I know, it's "Niklaus" actually but Klaus is german, so), Kol danish, Elijah is another way to write the prophet "Elija" in the Bible, Mikael is an archangel.

It may derive from the Old Persian stÄ�ra (NPer. ستاره - setÄ�ra, meaning "star") or - more likely - from the name of the Babylonian goddess of love, Ištar (cf. Mordecai <--> Marduk). It was adopted as an English name in the 17th Century.[1] The Biblical Queen Esther is associated with the Hebrew word ḥadaá¹£ah ("myrtle").

And what is "Finnick"? The only results I found were a guy from the Hunger Games.

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I missed Rebekah ... Oh well.

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You know, after all I'm happy that they didn't name the other Originals german, too. I could not take them serious if their names were Hans, Richard, Werner, etc. xD

I would have to laugh out loud everytime Damon or Stefan freaked out over a guy called Werner - especially after the german movies and that my uncle is called Werner and he's a total Idiot. xD

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meh why cant kol wear his birthday suit

much better

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if kol is "daggered" for 900 years how could he met Katherine in 1491

DIsregard the kol thing.


Just mixed up the names of background objects.


Kol is Psycho one who was in love with Taitia or whatever the original cardboard is named 

 Finn  is one who was in love with katherine. 


Whoever's idea was to just drop the original boredom family all at once into the story needs to be crucified.


Every original introduction should have at least 10 episode cooldown during which the character is established.


With how plec did it, now we have don'tknow'how many "pretty people" whose names can't ever be remembered. 

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Who is "Kol"!?!?!?

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i mean finn sorry

sorry im so horny for kol i couldnt careless about finn

im talking about fin


@halde what show you were watching ?


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Who is "Kol"!?!?!?

No idea which one.

The long haired one is a older one apparantly.

THe short haired one is the youngest and kindest one who was in love with Katherine 

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The long hair one was Finn and the other one is Koo.
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Kol is the hot sexy blonde aussie manmeat

the other one looks like a pirate


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