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So i can understand it with people who haven't seen BtVS. But people who have seen it, or know of it, it is a great tool to reinforce your argument.

This thousand times. AS for those who have not seen it? annoyance can be fixed by watching it

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@Halde That makes sense, I suppose.

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Red Dawn
I don't have a problem with people talking about BtVS most of the time :). I try not to compare the two show. Their alot different from one another, although they do have something's in common.
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Well, then you should not have even written that question before.You would have no need to be frustrated when proven wrong ;]

You haven't seen me frustrated yet because I don't waste my time being frustrated over tv shows and comparisons etc. No where in the wikipedia stuff you posted did it say that Buffy set the standard for quality tv, just that it influeced loads of tv shows, so how was I proven wrong? Besides that, I will write '@Kitanishi' when approaching you, the question was not even for you, so stop answering for others. Furthermore, I also wrote that Buffy was somewhat original when it came to vampire/human relationships, so why are you posting irrelevant stuff? If you read what I wrote properly, you'd see that none of what you wrote were relevant to the person I asked's post.



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Their alot different from one another


Obviously :P


One is written by Joss Whedon also known as THE GOD.  The other is not. :P

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I also think that they are not alike, tbh i never even thought of buffy while watching tvd, untill all the comparing started on this forum a while ago. Of course they are both vampire shows but other than that, the story's are very different.
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I also think that they are not alike, tbh i never even thought of buffy while watching tvd, untill all the comparing started on this forum a while ago. Of course they are both vampire shows but other than that, the story's are very different.


Story might be different.


Whedon is pure feminist. Females in his shows matter and have very wide array of storylines. They are allowed to have roles beyond the usual romance.


TVD takes a whole lot more misogynistic approach.  Females are constantly threated as romance-objects or something that needs to be protected. Even Katherine, TVD's local badass female with many personality traits being based on Buffy, has suffered from that through the second season.


Story-wise, i covered it already. BTVS takes a real-world approach - you have a timeline, and multiple storylines that crash and clash with each other, sending each other to different directions, affecting each other. It bassically covers the eight years of the character cast lives, sorrows, deaths and conflicts, with everything slowly leading towards the ending, with every plot thread being built up. Its not a happy world, its not a story. Its a real messed up broken world with a lot of injustice, darkness and pain.

TVD takes more unrealistic, book/romance-novel appraoch of no set timeline and one major storyline with everyone else being sidelined. Just like with romance novels, the show either develops story or characters.


Character-wise there are obvious similarities between characters, however what differs is how the shows handle them.

TVD characters are characters. They exist to forward the story forward. There is a clear moral compass everyone should follow, supporting cast is just there to develop[ the  main one and so on. ALso characters, main characters seem to never suffer consequences of their actions or actually be regarded as negative.

BTVS in this case had, yet again, more realistic approach. There was bad bad bad stuff existing out there and then there was a whole lot of gray and no pure white in the morality. viewers would discuss, question and wonder about the character decisions. Characters themselves were never sure that what they will do is for actual good.  Also characters were a lot more polarizing. There was no pure white. Everyone(especially Buffy) had their own skeletons in the closets, their own "masks" they wear, their own kinds of hypocrisy. Characters would have to accept the consequences of their actions and live with that for all their lives. Nothing could be solved fast and easy and problems, just like real life ones, would remain, build up, explode.




So yeah, by that to sum up, while the essence of the shows is different(BTVS being deeper, more realistic, etc), there are certain things one can compare in order to argument their opinions. For one, TVD used a lot of BTVS plotpoints and scenes(pretty much identical) for two, both shows have the same source of inspiration(Tvd books), for three, they have same character archetypes in the main cast. For Four, BTVS is the progenitor of all the vampire craze and the show that gave the roots and standards to quality tv.


So yeah. comparing to argument is fair. comparing the shows on whole is unfair for TVD, since BTVS is way superior to TVD.

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Did i almost just solve a issue:OOO?

That must go in my book of milestones! xD

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LOL. You go Halde. It's good for you to be constructive once in a while:) 

Just kidding 

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Did i almost just solve a issue:OOO?

Nah, you just pointed out the obvious, reiterating everything constructive that was said in this thread


In few hours this thread will be flooded by those who will say that any sort of comparison to BTVS is heresy :P

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