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hi everyone, i really love TVD and i cant imagine how i will spend my summer without it !!!!! So maybe you can suggest me some interesting Tv series as TVD,90210,Gossip girl, OTH,hellcats, life unexpected?


Pleaaaaaaase i need it or i will go crazy ;(

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The O.C, Supernatural, Glee, I can't come up with anyone else at the moment, but I'll write more when I remember them :)



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I recommend OTH! 8 Seasons to watch and if you like high school with drama and love, I think you'll love One Tree Hill :) And Glee is amazing too :D

I'm a big fan of Degrassi; The Next Generation. It's a great show I think, very realistic. 10 seasons so far, so if you've got nothing to do :p

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Skins UK, if you're not too young and if you like raunchy shows.



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I watch Nikita...and I'm hooked!!!!!! Season finale was epic!!!! But it's only one season so you'll finish it very quick....

I've never seen Supernatural...but I'm going to start this's 6 it should keep me entertained....haha

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It is for a more adult audience, but if you need a vampire fix, True Blood is a good one. The 4th season begins June 26, so there are three other seasons to enjoy and watch.

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I love Supernatural, 90210, Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars... maybe you like them too!

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Supernatural and the O.C of course :) Especially the O.C - Best TV show ever

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I like you @JustOneKiss! The O.C rocks!



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