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Its after all the thing people have waited for 10 years for: The return of SMG to the tv screen.

Genre: Thriller/Drama/Noir

Story:  The show centers around Bridget, a druggie whose life has completely fallen apart after she got involved as witness in mysterious FBI case and someone put a hit on her head (supposedly) for that. Completely without hope, she receives a call from her estranged wealthy sister Siobhan, who wants to meet. Sisters seem to start to mend their relationship that was completely destroyed by strange events that are implied to have been Bridget's fault. However everything goes to hell, when during their boat trip together, Bridget claims Siobhan has disappeared. Being only one who knows that Siobhan is no more, Bridget steals her identity, in hopes of hiding from hitmen who have been trying to kill her. However when Bridget is almost killed while masquerading as Siobhan, she understands that Siobhan's life is not as nice as it seemed at the first glance and her wealthy manipulative sister lived very strange and twisted life where nothing is at it seems. Murders, secrets, betrayals, past, present, future - all the strange events in Siobhan's life are connected in very unique ways and soon, as everything goes more complex and more and more twisted, Bridget will find out that her taking Siobhan's identity might as well be a litteral rabbit's hole L.Carol's Alice fell into in that story.


According to SMG, "It's a true film noir. Everyone's a bad guy, everyone's a good guy, and you're not quite sure of anyone's motives or who to root for."

According to E!Online reviewers, "A modern Hitchcock movie of sorts, Sarah Michelle Gellar stars as two screwed-up twin sisters. One's a recovering junkie, one's a conniving mean girl, and both twins are simultaneously very dangerous and in danger. Confused yet?"

According to Television without Pity, its the most promising new fall show on tv. 



"SMG IS BACK" Trailer

Ringer Rooftop Clip

Ringer Mirrors Clip

Ringer Extended 3 Minute Preview(Some serious spoilers in the last 15 seconds)


IMO, this is THE show to watch on CW next year. Secret Circle might be promising and all, but it still can fall into the bad things TVD usually falls into. However with this? You can't go wrong with having SMG in lead role(s). Her role in buffy pretty much proved that she has a very ride array of portrayals ranging from evil to messed up to broken to cheery to sort-of-happy to depressed to insane.  Of course its way darker than your usual CW shows(but so was buffy at times). I can only hope that it can find its viewerbase(which is quite easy since all it has to compete with in that night is Glee and I doubt the viewerbase who would find a cheery singing ...thing....attractive enough would care about noir-ish psychological thrillers and vice versa)


P.S. Quite nice when it come fullcircle. Buffy was airing on the very same timeslot, in the very same channel all those years ago...

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llol i will try it out. but Im looking forward for revenge

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I'm actually not a fan of SMG but Ringer seems to be a good show, especially after the extended preview!

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I will definetly watch this show and I think that Siobhan kill herself from what you post but I may be wrong.

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I am betting it won't be that easy(considering that is exactly what characters assumed).

Betting on either:

- Siobhan being alive and hiding, setting up Bridget for something bad. We know that both sisters are certainly no angels and Siobhan seemingly was a very manipulative woman. - Bridgett having killed Siobhan herself.  
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Buffy was also on CW?

Anyway, never heard of this before now. I like SMG as Buffy, but i haven't seen her anywhere else so i can't think much of it. Sounds promishing though.

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BTW @Kitanishi

The season finale of Buffy season 4. After they killed Adam and completed the spell. Was the "plot" of that episode to show that the consequences of using that spell is vivid dreams? Didn't get that episode at all:/?

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Originally CW was two different channels - WB and UPN. Buffy tv show originated in those channels. The first five seasons aired on WB and the last two(due to being darker in nature and having higher age rating and etc) in UPN.


AS for Season4 bassically spoils the entire plot of tv show :) Everything. It, as well as Season1 episode "Nightmares", Season 4 finale "Restless" and 9th episode of season 4 foreshadows a lot of plotlines to come.


Restless plot was bassically that due to the spell they did, they all, as well as the very first slayer, participated in a joint prophetic dream.

As hinted by the season2 episode with Buffy's birthday, where buffy dreamt willow talking in french(and bassically saying the phrase Oz said to her about monkey cookie being only one with clothes, a phrase Buffy was not around to hear) and faith-buffy dreams, prophetic dreams sort-of tap into unconscious minds of everyone alive and thus self-aware participants might interact and appear in each other's dreams.

In case of "Restless", it connected the minds of Buffy, Willow, Xander, Giles and First Slayer, creating extreme representations of their inner selves, as well as the things to come. A lot of things in this episode hint at future personal plotpoints up to the very end of series.  As well as certain huge tragedies to come.  Once one finishes watching the show, it is worth to rewatch that certain episode to completely understand what happens there.


If you notice, each season had hints towards the upcomming one:

Season 1 mentioned Angelus.

Season 2 mentioned mayor.

Season 1 2 and 3 sort of hinted at government awareness of supernatural forces.

Season 4 has a lot of important mentions referencing to the season 5(actually the very first mention of season 5 plot was in buffy's dream in the end of season 3 where faith provided a cryptic "Little Miss Muffet counting down from 7-3-0" answer to buffy's "i have to do something if forgot". 730 is the amount of days that were left till season5 finale and one of biggest events in buffy's life)


THE ONLY thing that has no foreshadowing value of future plotlines in Restless was Cheeseman. That guy meant completely nothing.

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Also - phrases said by characters in Restless are said again in the plotline over the course of next three seasons.

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Ahh. thanks for the clearing:)

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