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Lol good old high school. Not to scare you off or anything, but trust me, it gets worse :P

Make the most of school now! I miss it so much. I would trade uni for Year 12 ANY DAY! Best year of my life. And the feeling of finishing your year 12 feeling EVER.

Year 11 was good too :) When you start year 12 you'll wonder why you stressed so much in year 11 :P When you start uni, you'll wonder why you stressed so much in year 12. It's the way it goes.

What kind of subjects are you doing?


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Lol, I always thought uni would be more fum that hs. Some of my uni friends told me that they love it and have never looked back at their high school days.

I'm doing 2 unit english (i suck at english), 4 unit math, bio, chem, ancient history, bussiness studies and some others which are not coming to mind because my brain is half asleep at the moment lol.

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Is it a unit per semester? Like unit 1, 2 = year 11; unit 3, 4 = year 12? But that would mean you're doing mostly year 12 subjects :S So must not be the case.

That's what we have in Vic anyway.

You don't sound like you suck at English! Or is it just essay writing? English was my best subject. The major reason I did pretty well in my enter score because in Vic, English is compulsary and it counts for a LOT of your final score.

I just had some coffee, hopefully it'll keep me awake for a bit longer.. how can you be so at ease? I am practically dying to see the finale and I'm finding it hard to concentrate on studying! I will die from anticipation tomorrow!!

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My bad, I meant math extension not 4 unit. My mind is all over the place right now, I'm not thinking right.

Trust me I suck at English. I'm average in the classroom but I fail at writing when you have very little time, like in the hsc. I do much better at math, it's probably my best subject. In math it's either right or wrong. And I like that, it makes life so much easier for me.

Lol, I just made myself a cup of coffee as well. Trying to stay awake and calm down the nerves. But I should really go to sleep. The sooner I sleep, the sooner tomorrow comes.

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That's it, I can't take it anymore, I'm going to sleep. This mound of schoolwork will be waiting here tomorrow. Plus I can't stand waiting for TVD finale.

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LOL good luck. I still have a few more notes to type up...and then do my readings...and highlight crap.

By the time your exams come around, you will have writing SOO many practice essays that in the exam you will be able to practically regurgitate your entire essay and write it word for word from memory. I had 3 essays to write in 3 hours. We finished at 12:15pm, but I thought it was I was rushing to finish by then. I was wondering why the examiners hadn't given us any notice that time was running out..and then I figured I still had 15 mins left. I wrote another two paragraphs. You will be so damn prepared it will feel natural! don't study...then you'll be stuck and thinking about what to write.

So, basically STUDY! It pays off. You feel so good after it :)

Maths was my weak point. Though I got an average mark which was surprisingly good for me hahah. My worst mark was my native language of Polish. I still can't believe it!

Oh well, good night. We shall discuss the finale tomorrow in depth :) CAN NOT WAIT!


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will have *written

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ohhh i feel your pain! im sitting for my As and im going insane.. sometimesi just dont study and then wonder why i dont study when i want good grades..but im too tiredto just sit down and study.........and i cant wait for tvd finale!!! thank god i dont have an exam tomorrow so i can wake up and watch it!! :D

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