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He had tons of douche worthy moments in the first eppy of S3. He was acting like he was the victim. I hate that Caroline even spoke to the tool. I'm glad that her mind was focused on Tyler though.

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Worm your honor
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The only cool thing I've ever though Matt has done was smoke a joint with Jeremy. But yeah, he is super boring and i don't even see why he needs to  be on this show. Ratting out Caroline to her mom? WTF, man. I didn't especially like him before, but i didn't really dislike him either, but that definitely made me loathe him. Not cool.

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I call this from happening haha

tool rants



the reason why Mr. Cardboard is getting relevance that he he doesnt deserve is, because J. Plec is a Cardboard Worshipper and she also adores her Mrs. Cardboard as well.

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just imagine matt and elena's children. 

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Cardboard Jr.?

ugggghhhh... just thinking about that scares me

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Cardboard jr. lol


Oh no, fate wouldn't be so kind to MF. They would have twins: Edward and Edwina Cardboard, in the image of their parents, there to terrorize the town.


Yeah, we know Julie is a cardboard worshipper. Just look at all the time he got in the premiere. I don't remember the tool EVER getting that many scenes when it was Kevin and Julie.

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^True true. This is the first time i've ever seen him so much in an epi. This does NOT bode well for the rest of the season. Mark my words. As for the Cardboard Jrs.....................PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, LETS NEVER MENTION IT AGAIN. It's been said that Kevin reads this forum, lets not give him anymore terrible ideas, becasue i don't know which uninformed asshole is currently whispering in his ear. Who in their right mind would give him more screen time?

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I hope we do not see him a lot this season. He has a few delusional "Matty blue eyed" fans, but honestly he is just taking up unnecessary space. And yes, the juniors are too scary to contemplate.


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then, who would we troll about lol

his future wife? 

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But did you notice that they purposely made act like dick in last weeks episode! Usually I think it's been by accident that writers made him seem like a jerk.
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