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absolutely team DAMON! He is so cute , and hot , and a realy good guy with Elena :)

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'This is why Stefan will always win out over Damon. Damon is willing to sacrifice himself for Elena, while Stefan is willing to sacrifice himself for Elena`s brother.' - BuddyTV Oh please Damon could have done the same thing if he were there.Like the way he was willing to sacrifice himself for Elena,Stefan would have done the samething...So we may argue night and day but their love for Elena is equal and the reason why we argue is because their love for her is different! Different but equal,am i making any sense?!?!
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Pink definitely making sense. I think they both love her but like u said it's a different love.

The reason I prefer Stefan is because his love has been consistent and for me Damon loving Elena is just history repeating itself where he tries to steal his brother's girl. Even though, he's been selfless by compelling her to forget he loves her...deep down he still wants her and with Stefan gone...that want is going to get stronger b/c his lil'bro is technically not an obstacle while he's locked in a cave with their psycho ex.

I realise that it's a love triangle but I wish they would find someone for Damon that he doesn't have to compete for. He's awesome in his own right. I don't mind Delena happening but I don't like the way it's happening. It looks like from the previews Stefan is going to get with Katherine and that's going to be a deal breaker for Stelena leading Elena into Damon's arms. I prefer that she realises she cares about him on her own with out Stefan having to do something to push her there. This way, she's running to him because she chose to not because her boyfriend messed up and she's willing to take the second Salvatore. IF they get together this way, it's only a matter of time before Elena will go running back to Stefan and then we're back at the beginning.  

Stefan all day every day!

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The thing about Stefan is that he undoubtedly loves Elena. He's willing to go through anything for her sake even if it means getting trapped in a cave. What's beautiful about Stefan and Elena together is that you can see how deep their love and their connection is. Since the series started, what we've seen between these two is a real kind of growth and maturity in a relationship wherein both have to learn where their limits are. Elena and Stefan both feel the need to protect one another and their love has also caused them danger. We've seen them having to deal with knowing when to back off. Stefan seems like the ideal guy though because he acts according to what he knows Elena needs.

However, sometimes, "ideal" can become boring. I think that it would be good for the writers to dive into what Damon and Elena could be as a couple and with Stefan stuck in that cave, now would be a good time. I personally like Damon because you can tell how he has changed because of Elena. It's not that he's changing for her, it's that he's changed because of her. Elena simply makes him a better "person" and it would be interesting to see how much more he can develop if he were with Elena.

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I don't mind Delena happening but I don't like the way it's happening. It looks like from the previews Stefan is going to get with Katherine and that's going to be a deal breaker for Stelena leading Elena into Damon's arms. I prefer that she realises she cares about him on her own with out Stefan having to do something to push her there

I agree with you!!I don't .If Delena is gonna happen like this then it's not gonna be epic as we thought.I don't want that scene to be real,if its real i would want a convicing reason why Stefan would that.It's just so out of character for him,i hope the writers don't ruin his character just to pave a way for Delena.

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i love damon and i want him to be happy on his own not stealing his brothers girl or competing wit him in a way and i want the love he has for his brother comes first than any possiblity he would have wit elena and i just love him and stephen come together weather to protect elena or saving the town may be he would find someone for him who he can love like stephen do wit elena,and i don't want to see him hurt like he did wit kat that eps made me cry it was like i felt everything he was felling he is a torchured soul and i want him to be compelitly happy because he deserves some happiness in the end may be he will find someone to live for .. but stephen is loyal and kind who cares about everyone that is involved and the love  he has for elena is so pure and sweet he understands her and even if he did sleep wit kat which i doubt he will get elena in the end but if the producers take that road i will be very disapointed coz that will ruin his character even tho i love damon more actually much more than stephen that act will shock and disapoint me more than any bad deed damon has done!!!!!

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OMG damon!!!!!!! I love stefan and all but he just kinda cross eyed at times, y'know?


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I'm team Delena! Damon is there for Elena when she needs him and would do anything for her. He actually does more for Elena than Stefan (check the books)! Elena gets the best out of him and makes him a better person. That is what makes something romantic. There is a lot of chemistry between Delena too. I don't like Stefan, he's always wining and is always the same...... He's not even handsome, but Damon is very handsome and ACTUALLY HAS a personality! 

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I love both of them a lot, but I think Stefan becomes a little boring when he's with Elena. Like, when he has scenes with any other character (especially Caroline and Damon) he actually seems quite funny and interesting, but with Elena he reminds me too much of Edward Cullen, so I'm not a stelena fan

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