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Even if I prefer Damon, they are both interesting and complicated character. 

1) Stefan has, most of the time, been showed as the kind, compassionate brother... and, let's be honest, he was of boring! This is why I'm really looking forward to seeing his fight and journey. I've always seen Damon as fighting in order to forget his humanity by tuning his feeling off and Stefan as the one fighting to forget his dark side by trying to keep his humanity. Both are on a journey...

I'm glad we're going to see a draker Stefan, because it will show everyboy that beeing a kind vampire is not that easy and is against their nature. Maybe after blaming Damon the two first season, the Stefanholics will understand how difficult it is for vampires to keep their humanity.


2) Damon. During the very first episodes he was sooooo scary, I mean, really scary! I was afraid of him. But the more I've seen him, the more he's become interesting. He's funny, sarcastic, smart, vivacious, loyal, passionate, strong... I really enjoyed seeing all his journey and I do hope we will see more about him. I want to learn more about his part and his relationship with his father. And I want him to stay the same. I hope he won't become all nice and puppy. He's the more interesting character with Caroline.


About the ships... actually I don't have any. Damon as well as Stefan are far more interesting when they are without Elena.

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Damon of course :) He is so cool and him and Elena have just so much chemistry !

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i love damon! i just love him! stefan is good but.... damon is so so so hot, he can be a nice guy when he wants and a bad guy when needed. and don't forget his damon humour and the eye thing.

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I'm happy that Damon has a shot with Elena now that Stephan is out of the picture for awhile. I just don't want him to be hurt in the future by Elena. I would have been with Damon first anyway. I don't know what's wrong with these women. He is so fine and overall perfect. He has the abilitiy to love and protect fiercly. I don't understand the problem. I'm glad they saved Damon because I was done watching if Damon died. He is too fine and perfect to let go. I do feel bad for Stephan, but he overcame it before he can overcome the bloodlust again.

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So,I'll choose Damon because Im greedy and selfish and go on and say I think he is smoking hot.And if it was from the books I would still choose Damon because I have an affiliation for "damaged",evilish guys that almost force me to love them haha

And I like the bad guy surface but when you start to know the guy better he's so sweet and caring.So yeah,Im a sucker for farytale bad boy loving.If he's a biker,it would be sweeter.

I also like Stefan but I kind of see him as that childhood friend that will always be there for me help me and I will always help him.Like my own bro. :)

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And I think I screwed up the thread's meaning by telling who would I want to be my bf..and I am SERIOUSLY sorry..and Im a soldier in Damon's army haha. :)

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And I think I screwed up the thread's meaning by telling who would I want to be my bf..and I am SERIOUSLY sorry..You and me, both. I answered this thread on my own personal preference on who among the two  would I most likely date. hahaha!


I chose Damon too. lol

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It's Stefan, it's always going to be Stefan

hahaahahaahahaahahahahahahaha!!!! trololorrorlrololol I don't see anything special in Stefan for some reason. I try to understand him but meh. 

Of course, Damon is my lover and Klaus is my hubby. 

I love Damon because he's really interesting, funny, bitchy, sexy, smart and incredibly gorgeous and he knows it rofl

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Stefan & SE, for always.

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Here's an answer:Both.

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