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yeah, i love damon/ian. i do. i just love paul/stefan more

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Im a little Katerina girl..I would want them both and if you include Klaus,the blonde hottie..that would be madness haha

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I know Damon is Hotness personified but something in me just keeps coming back to cuteness that is Stefan......I guess i'm just like Katherine in that way. 

Gotta have the Stef luv.

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I'm definitely Team Stefan. I think part of the reason for that is that until the Season 2 Finale, I don't think we've had any legitimate proof that Elena has any sort of romantic feelings for Damon whatsoever. Deeply cares for him? Yes. Loves him? No, not really. Yeah, I have to admit that they most definitely have great chemistry, but I don't think that's a really great reason for why they should be together. After the end of Season 2, I can see them having a fling in the next season, but I think Elena's love for Stefan will eventually win out. I definitely don't see her and Damon lasting.

But I will say that I like Damon better as a character. For one thing he's way hotter. Stefan can be somewhat boring at times. Way too much the conventional Prince Charming. But even so, I think he's better for Elena than Damon is. 

I just really, really love Stefan and Elena's relationship. They obviously care about and love one another more than anything else. They're just right for each other on so many levels. But one of the things that I like the most about them is that they can share that sort of love without having to continuously advertise it. A lot of couples in fiction, like Bella and Edward or Clary and Jace, make their mutual love vocal so much that it makes me ship them less. And I love the fact that Stefan and Elena don't have to do that. Stefan loves her, cares for her, protects her, is there for her and constantly puts her needs and wants above his own. Probably one of the biggest reasons that I'm not Team Damon is that I don't see Damon doing that. He may love her, but he doesn't care about her nearly as much as Stefan does. He's selfish with her. He's hurt her time and time again. He -kind of - killed Jeremy and forced her to drink his blood, despite knowing that vampirism is not what she would want for herself. Perhaps he's done a large amount of the things that he did because he loves her, but I don't think that makes up for any of it. So, in short, yeah, I'm Team Stefan.

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Damon! Why? Just because he's Damon x)

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1. Stefan 2. Stefan 3. Stefan..............................100. Stefan....


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So you're pro Stefan because he fits better with Elena:O? That makes no sense:O

I won't ask how you know that he is better with her, because you don't... We haven't seen Damon and Elena yet. This whole "war" between Damon&Elena and Stefan&Elena, can't be properly "executed", because we don't know how Damon&Elena would turn out. We haven't seen them yet. We have seen one kiss. Although that kiss was HUGE, we really haven't seen them.

Stefan&Elena cares about eachother. But why are they so great? Maybe the first 2-4 episodes, they were good, but since episodes 5, they are just boring. Cute, but boring.

When you say some couples makes their love vocal, you mean? Talking about them being coupled? Stefan openly provokes Damon with him and Elena's relationship. That isn't getting vocal?

And she sure says that she do not want to be a vampire, but tbh we don't know that. She shows no sign of wanting to have a normal life, othe than saying it. She haven't done anything to express her wanting to have a normal life. She complained about wanting kids, and yet she stays with Stefan. Her boyfriend, boyfriends family(Damon), all her friends, all her enemys, are all supernatural. She slack bigtime in school so she can do her supernatural stuff. She repeatly tries to kill herself. Tbh i don't think she wants to be normal. Damon hurting her. I suppose that is true. When exactly did he hurt her after he fell in love with her? I doubt the whole feeding her blood thing hurted. He bit her under a hallucination. Snapped Jeremy's neck, well yea... But then lets see it a bit from Damon's perspective. because Damon, is the smart member of the group. He might be a bit blinded by love and such, but still. His means pretty much get justified by the ends. If EVERYTHING have turned out the way Damon planned it, the show would be boring. But it would have been the best possible way to go. With the sacrifice thing, if Bonnie had killed Klaus, Bonnie would be dead, Klaus would be dead, and nothing else would have happend. But Elena wanted to go all suicidal, and pertty much got Jenna and Jules killed, triggered Klaus' curse turning Stefan "Rippery". So that's what seems to happen when you ignore the brains...

Uhh, and Stefan toyed around, and almost killed Amber in the late end of season 1. I'dd say that is just as bad/worse than what Damon did to Jeremy.

Look at me talking:/

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To Halde's response:

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Lol, @Elijah's Hottie:) Those are pretty cool;)

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Stefan! always go for the underdog plus can't stand damon

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