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I am a Delena fan but I think I am moving over to Datherine.

That does not mean I will ever be Stelena, But I dont know, I have been waiting for Delena since episode one. And every scene they are together I am jumping up in my seat, but its starting to bore me. This is crzy because I love them, but I am just thinking to myself "They are never going to happen, and if they do it will be when Vampire diaries ends" I mean can you picture it...Elena being with Damon in front of Stefan. I just cant see it, and Elena is all about Stefan and its just getting on my nerves. So, here comes Katherine.

When I saw Katherine strip down in front of Damon from the shower scene, sure I was kind of shocked, But I saw no spark. But in that last episode, of them bonding I just kind of turned Datherine. Its like they love hurting each other, but always want to be near each other at the same time. You can see the love Damon still feels for Katherine. Like I know it was not all love, and more Obsession. But with her being there in front of his eyes, I think he still cares, but is done with her crap. I dont know what I see, I just love them together. There hot steamy chemestry. Maybe its Nina's acting...

But who feels like they may have turned Datherine?

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DATHERINE IS EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!! And is also a lot hotter the DELENA!!!!!

I've kind of got to a point that ship nearly everyone with nearly everyone!!!! Datherine, Statherine, Delena, Stelena, Camon, Forwood, Catt, Beremy, Jalaric, Dalijah, Defan, KathJah....and many more!!!! lol

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I agree with @TeamDamon4ever...

I ship everyone if I even ship anymore!

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i lyk datherine..buh not more than delena..come on katherine is a total bitch 2 damon..he waited 145 yrs 4 her..tryin 2 find ways 2 get her out of the tomb when she wasnt even ther..she broke his heart ryt in his face told him tht it was always stefan..nd then again jus recently broke his heart by tellin him tht she chose stefans life over mean i think damon deserves better..elena! nd im hopin the next season they hook up..or atleast get somewher..i agree its getn tirin waitin 4 them 2 happen..i hope somethin happens end of this season..or atleast start of next..


otherwise i love DK scenes..jus 2 see nian action i dnt mind them..4 fun!.x

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I love datherine! They were so hot in last ep!
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@jay, you are absolutely right, but I can't help it!!!!! I don't ship Bamon, but I love Datherine...yes, Katherine's never cared about Damon, but I love them!!!!! It's's inexplicable....I just think that Datherine have THE most epic relationship ever!!! haha

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Yeah, I agree with TeamDamon4Ever!... I totally love Damon and Katherine !

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yeess! i love dathrine !

but definitly not for an actual relationship, and DEFINITLY not for the long run. but since delena scenes are slowwwwing down, i need something to tide me over.

and for people who actually ship them , i dont think kathrine deserves damon. shes a bitch, and has screwed him over 1 too many times. and think, what positive effect will they have on each other? none. elena makes damon a better man.

but dathrine action would be soooooo hot ;)

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I am just so confused. I think I ship Datherine. But I have no reason why. Thats the thing Datherine Shippers I feel have to reason they just ship them. Haha.

I am not leaving Delena though, I just ship both at the moment. I love Delena, but I am just loving Datherine right now. Until I get some major Delena action, my eyes are on Datherine. The thing about Katherine, is at least she gave Damon something, Elena just tells Damon she cares, Katherine spent time with Damon, Kissed him, had sex with him. I am not defending what Katherine did, because when I saw Damon hurt, I really hated her. But, I dont know. See now I am rambling on, and have no point. Thats the thing about Datherine, there is no good reason for them to be together, But I love them anyways.


:/ I am so confused.

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I liked Datherine since 2x01 but after the shower scene I def ship them. I still ship Delena but, yeah, it's not gonna happen (at least, not any time soon). I want to see Kat getting really obsessed with and desperate for Damon, so she will finally get a taste of what it feels like being in love with someone for 145 years only to get rejected by them. of course, I want to see some Datherine sex but ONLY when Damon feels like it this time - not because he feels the flame of old Kat or because he's sad over Elena. I want Kat to really feel something for him and Damon fall for the new Kat that won't hurt him. Datherine, Delena, Salvastar.... no matter how these ships change, I will always ship Happy Damon. (except Bamon - sorry fans but that's not gonna happen)

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