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lul still no red darling.

dont want to ship

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Steffie was boring since day one.  In S1 I plainly could not stand his Edwardian persona, but the whole "aww i did so much dark and bad shit in the past" was alluring and interesting. Too bad that it was completely ruined in S2 and S3 with "aww i did so much dark shit" turning into "aww I was drunk a few times and overly emo because of my condition which excuses me of everything"


Its hard to think of Damon or DE as anything positive right now though, too, just like its impossible to comprehend for me that I liked Dean Winchester back in S2 and S3 and counted him as greatly written character, yet now he is one of the most hateful misogynist writing messes ever.


sadism and dysfunctionality is not the problem with the pairing if it fits the character build up of both characters. Spuffy certainly was not happy go lucky after all. But it worked. Was Cole/Phoebe any way happy? yet again nope, but it, yet again worked till the show jumped the shark.


Book-Damon was even bigger bastard than tv-show one, who thoroughly enjoyed  being evil and hurting others, the thing is, Elena was barely better than that and both of them would snap into protective mode on if people they care about would be hurt by someone and gods help that someone. 


TV-Show-S1-DE worked as VERY toned down version of that. If one uses the "guilt-trip-survivor's-complex-psychology" type of Elena character build up that was then there(she does stupuid shit all the time, her parents end up dying because of her, she psychologically represses anything "fun" or "dark" about herself because of that trauma),  DE would have worked perfectly. You have those two a bit similar people unlocking those represed sides in each other(like their first road-trip showed) and bonding over most bizzare stuff and situations. Add the parallels to Katherine with Elena and implication(back then) that they are quite similar people even if Elena denies it and hooolah - you have a great foundation for a pairing. 

 Its dysfunctional as hell, but hell of a promising and exiciting to watch. The amount of conflicts it could have presented in the cast(especially if Germy was still kept as Elena's FOIL who calls her out on her dumb shit).

 The amount of character development it could present for Elena, the dysfunctional angst it could bring out.  Watching her slowly get over her c-ptsd and get more drastic and different would be interesting character progression. AS well as when Katherine is brought in, her having to face their similarities and show paralleling where her character is going versus where Katherine is, possibly leaning towards Katherine becoming a better person.

Hell it would even give character development for Steffie since we would have to see him learn accept Elena's own hidden sides and see(just like in the books) the contrasts between how Steffie and Damon react to it.  


Millions of possibilities, character development for half the cast, etc - that was the prospect of DE in S1.


Come S2 and ENTIRE FOUNDATION OF WHAT MADE DE INTERESTING AND FASCINATING is destroyed for the sake of mary-sue characterization of elena and "poor misunderstood wimp" characterization of Damon, at the same time destroying what was interesting about both Elena, Damon AND Steffie AND sidelining Germy, the last FOIL of elena. So yes since S2 I can't ship the disgusting mess that is DE anymore. It does not fit any of the "characters" anymore.  

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Book-Damon was even bigger bastard than tv-show one, who thoroughly enjoyed  being evil and hurting others

I actually never viewed book Damon as a bastard,  he was more dark and more cruel but he wasn't really a bastard,  he just enjoyed being who he trully was, and since he had the same kind of personality when he was human, becoming a vampire his nature just became what it was all along.  He was just being true to himself, and I loved that about him. Also he wasn't a lil whore like tv Damon was, he wanted Elena because he wanted someone who be his companion in this whole dark world of Damon just wants to LOVED, CARED AND CRESHIHED!   And he makes too many puppy eyes at Elena...barf

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Well actually at first it was more of "fuck you steffie, I am getting her because you have her" kind of deal. 


And yeah, as I said, since S2 they GREATLY overdid the wimp-side of Damon.  S1 Damon had a nicer balance and reminded me a bit of Book Damon - not as evil and dark, but more sarcastic and enjoying himself than brooding "I WANT SOME LUV" guy he became since S2 

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Bored Now August 29th, 2012 2:39 PM  I really sound lame. I pretend I hate the show yet I have watched all the episodes. It's time for change. Sorry fans. I suck!!!!! Bored Now August 29th, 2012 2:37 PM Am sorry vampire diaries fans, I have realized I sound like a broken record but am so bored with my life. I really need help. But am going to start watching Anger management. May be Charlie Sheen can help me out. I have never had a positive thought in my life. Pray for me. This was amusing, I'm sure you agree. Lmfao
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Whoever, it was msut have REALLY loved Elena. 

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i love you flora

fuck you kitty, basically

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Elena: Tell me you love me

Kitty: Maybe it was but it was the same anymore


Stop lying kitty you love Elena so much, admit it.

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