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Do you think Damon knew it was Katherine after she kissed him? or did he walk away thinking it was Elena? It seem like he might have question the kiss, since she kissed him back.

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hello john...

Damon, Stefan, Isobel, Anna...They could sense them. Even in the finale, Damon knew Anna was behind him. He didn't see her, but sensed her. Vampires have better than human hearing as well. They can hear the human pulse and heartbeat. So with all this in mind, it is inconsistent that Damon couldn't tell 1., that it was Katherine, a vampire. And 2., that she had no pulse or heartbeat.

Not to mention the SAME day, Elena told Damon to stop flirting and to not make her regret being his friend... so why would she hours later allow him to passionately kiss her?

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meri jaan

Damon was too overwhelmed by his human emotions for Elena at that moment. His vampire guard was too low to pay attention to anything else.

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^^ I, too, believe he didn't realize it was Katherine. When he first met Elena, he liked her because of her resemblance to his only real love. But after getting to know her in person he really fell for Elena so everytime he saw her, including the kiss scene, all he could see was the girl he loves but knows he can't have - Elena made him forget about Katherine for the first time.

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I don't think Damon knew. Because think about it, wouuld he let Katherine enter the Gilbert house if he knew it was her? He wouldn't just walk away from a crazy, dangerous vamp.

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im almost positive he doesnt know bc just like bk said if he knew he wouldnt have let her just go into the house you know bc he knows katherine is one crazy bitch lol(that i love) god everytime i get on this fourm i just want to watch tvd god its driving me crazy

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I think he didn't. Like D&C4e said, also because It's KATHERINE, the woman he searched over a century. And the first Book say something about 'the most powerfull vampires can pass overlooked to other vampires' sight', (like Damon did) when they want to. That's one of their skills. So, i'm guessing that's what Katherine did.

But i'm confussed about the heartbeat.

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No, if it was Katherine, he wouldn't just let her go into the house because he cares about Elena and her family.

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i dont think he did, but im sure that at one point he wondered why something was weird. he just  couldnt put his finger on it cos he was alienated by the hot kiss. do u blame him? i know i dont. im sure he didnt feel the blood boiling in her body (or the smell..) or the heartbeat.. or i dunno

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The strange look he gave might have been because he might have thought she kissed like Katherine and 'tasted' the same, but then again, that could be down to the fact that they are identical. It is weird that he didn't notice it, but I guess he was really into the moment, showing that he's really into Elena.

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