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this relationship is so weird, i mean they dont even have romatic tension like delena, they honestly hate each other! but everyone seems to love them!

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I love them together!! :))

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im not a fan. delena all the way, forever. <3

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Tbh the main reason why they're so popular is because of the books. In the books they have a very different dynamic and their relationship is far more developed. So a lot of that is carried over. A lot of people seem to think that all tension is sexual tension. Sometimes people just don't get on! ha At this point there is no reason to think there will be anything. The tension between bonnie and damon and delena is very different. I think Bamon will have development however not necessarily romantic. To be fair it would be very far fetched for Damon to be paired off with someone else to soften the blow of elena choosing stefan. The intensity of damon's character resides on his unconditional love he had for Katherine and how her betrayal draws him towards Elena. I honestly don't think he would be capable of loving anyone else. Elena is the antidote for the pain that Katherine caused him. He won't end up with Katherine as it would be masochistic. He needs Elena as she makes him better. I don't see Bonnie being able to do that, but we'll see. I hope the writers don't go for the obvious and have a bit of originality when it comes to choosing. Looking at character development, chemistry and the fans, Delena should be end game. Putting aside Bamon, 80 percent of fans would choose Delena over Stefan x

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Ohhh, yeah I have never read the books so its probably why. I totally agree with your reasoning! Anyway, why does anyone love Bamon (strictly talking about the tv show)? I actually want to know - do you think anything could ever happen?

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I don't hate them, I just don't understand why everyone loves them. But like TDARFSWR said, it's probably because of the books which I have not read.  

All I get from them is death threats and hate for each other - it doesn't seem like sexual tension to me because Bonnie is honestly repulsed by Damon and Damon just loves to toy with her.


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I've read the books. There isn't even that much in the book in my opinion other than a good friendship.  Damon cares for Bonnie but is deeply in love with Elena in the books and basically devotes his life to her, therefore he cares for Bonnie because she is Elena's friend and he finds her cute.

Plus in the books Bonnie gets crushes on everyone.  To me it always seemed like she liked Matt more.  So basically I don't get the "Bamon appeal" either. In the books or the show- they have never been in love or seeming to head that way. For Damon it has always been Elena or Katherine.

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Yeah, i definitly see ure point. I dont understand why people like them together. It's really random. The writers are definitly putting way more effort in building Delena, so i doubt there will be anything between those two.

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in most forums people are like "bamon! they would be great together, chemistry cuz they dont get along etc" NOT TRUE. in season 1 when damon and elena didnt get along, THEY had chemistry and you could just see it on screen and the way damon was slick, hot, etc and how elena would get pissed off hehe. but when bonnie and damon argue its just... ugh. it has no chemistry, its just plain annoying. nothing there.


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I don't hate them, but I don't get the idea of them on the TV show. I think a lot of the Bamon fans are book fans. I don't see the chemistry between Ian and Katerina at all.

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