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Alaric and Meridith's student-teacher relationship.

I do hope that is a normal student-teacher relationship and not the illegal kind from dirty little liars.. otherwise that would ruin Alaric for me really ..

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They might not show Meredith as a high scool student when they show her... TVD gives a big twist to all the book characters in the show.... In TVD all the characters (mayb except Damon or even Stefan) are really different from what they were like in the books

Plus TVD has a lot of female high school students in the main would be good to c a character with a BIG ROLE (so not like Jenna or Liz or Carol or anything) that is out of hs...

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She is a part vampire, she has been ever since birth due to that whole thing with Klaus that happened with her family.  you just did not read to that part. She kind of...keeps secret from everyone about what she does at night. Its pretty much tvd-style "oh by the way" bomb drop.


Her and alaric's relationship is anything but normal :))) And yes, pretty little liars is quite a good shot towards how  they were.  She sort of plays around with him till they actually develop real relationship.


And yeh, she might not be as young in the show. Possibly student at the university, teaching/helping at university or something like that, a bit younger than Alaric but not THAT younger. She would still be able to be friend-ish to Elena and have relationship with Alaric AND it would slowly introduce whole university life into which, hopefully Elena will go after graduating. :)

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I think they all will go to college. I think they will all go to the same college. Because as @Kitanishi have said a million times, we don't see that side of the characters as we does in BtVS. So i don't think they will make a deal out of their school work.

BTW @Kitanishi. In the beginning of season 4 i was so sorry for Buffy:) That whole college deal really got me worked up when watching it. I was actually angry at the teacher to threw her out the class:)

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Yeh, I loved the whole atmosphere that was created there and how BtVS would use pretty much generic things like studies, etc to draw attention to character development, personality, problems or emotional atmosphere. Be it a birthday(oh man how unlucky Buffy was with birthdays), holiday or just plain simple classes.

That was one of the things I liked about the whole season4, but IMO, the emotional build up was best in season5(and upwards) , how the whole season was no longer that separate and everything tied together very nicely, how certain very realistic and real life things managed to create dreadful and sad atmosphere without any need of supernatural to be there.  Not to mention that season 5 was...cruel in terms of mood shifts and what happens to characters...Some episodes in S5 I still cry when I see them again.

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Especially that certain episode which had absolutely no musical score...I have yet to find a show that can make everything so atmospheric sad and powerful and yet stay completely silent just with dialogue and whats important it had pretty much no supernatural elements and still remains one of my favorite episodes...

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So true.

What episode is that? Name/Number?

Although about season 4. I did not appriciate the whole "Initiative" organisastion. I don't know what it was, but i think it was that they tried to make the whole mythology and mystical history and such about science. I very much did not like that part. It was a nice story line, and i was psyched watching it, but the idea of science controlling this, i did not like. But in the end it turned out great:)

Just started season 5. I've read on wikipedia, about Spike's character. I read further and it says something about him falling in love with Buffy. This is kinda happening. He dreams about her and stuff. I actually hoped this wouldn't happen:) I love Spike. He is/was so badass. He is/was Damon, only more evil and more badass. And now it seems he is turning a bit sentimental.

There is one thing i don't understand about the whole vampire/human in  BtSV. In TVD they are vampires, and they can choose themselves to have their complete humanity. But in BtSV it seems that this "i don't care about nothing" is something that they are, and then they can get spelled to get their soul back, or to loose it. Angel for example. He was peaking in his love with Buffy. He then "obtain" true happiness and turns evil. And then he dosen't care about Buffy, he actually wants to hurt/kill her. But Spike loves Drusella even when he is vampire, and have no soul, and no it seems as he might love Buffy. What i am confused about is, can they be like in TVD(vampire with humanity), or can they be either vampire(no humanity) or vampire(full humanity)? Because it seems that them having their humanity, their soul, is not something they can choose. Because if they could, you would think that Angel rather want to be with Buffy, than wreak havoc in her life? Or do they need to be built up when they loose their soul?

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I can't say the number of episode as it would spoil the surprise :) you will know once you see it, that episode is...hard to miss. I am pretty sure when that episode ends, anyone who watched it will remember it for years :)


Initiative was a nice idea, but a bit too bad of execution. Still it had very nice lasting results through the seasons and if show would have gotten 10 season deal instead of 7, Initiative stuff would have been used as foreshadowing for US government as possible entirely non-supernatural antagonist.

Being vampire removes your soul. That means you do NOT feel guilt or have any conscious regard for the things you do. It does not add some evil thing, "you" just completely lack that "human conscience" part that usually restricts us from acting on our instincts and desires(for example alternate-universe-vampire-willow was lesbian even before Willow discovered her orientation).  You know how you sometimes want to do something entirelly stupid and bad yet your own mind restricts you because its wrong and bad and unreasonable. Being Vampire in BTVS means you just no longer have that part.

Angel(us) still cared about buffy, in his own way. However it was completely selfish and twisted need, his form of "love", which is basically a complete obsession over someone. In similar way on how some artists would destroy their masterpieces after finishing them.

It all depends on the exact "unrestricted" nature of the person.  It depends on how much of a beast you and your own humanity holds back. It just sort of means that SPike has less inner demons than Angel did.

For example, Harmony - even without guilt or conscience, her shallow and vain inner self just is NOT capable of being as twisted and evil. Sure she killed people and she has no regard for others, but otherwise she was just NOT capable of all the huge destruction, let's say Angel could do.

As for Spike - don't expect him to go completely wussy stefan-like just because he has some humanity and starts caring/loving someone. I actually liked all that development that is going to happen about him. IMO it was handled in way better ways than Damon is currently handled in TVD.

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I dunno anything about it BUT it would b sosososoososo awesome if she would be there. i liked her character in books

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