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ok now i am furious seriously what is wrong wit this girl ?she is not that special yeah everyone seems to fall for her but she is now on her way of my least fav i crazy for wanting her dead and the show to contnue wit kat?

1 for her stupidity thinking she is the only one who is needed for the moonstone curse or whatever

2 playing hot and cold wit damon everyone tht i care about blahhh ..ok we get it she doesn't hate him but she keeps making this weird eye contact ,we don't need her to reapt everything at least i don't

3 everything is not about her they are alot of things going around

4 acting all hero and sacrifice me for everyone tht i love is getting annoying ,if i am not mistaken everyone can takecare of them self.i don't know why but i couldn't stand her this week.anyone feel the same way?

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I liked her in this episode!!!! I think she's right.....after all everyone's trying to protect her and they could get themselves killed trying.....she doesn't want that.....she doesn't care of she dies as long as the people she loves doesn't die trying to protect her......

She said it perfectly clear.....She doesn't question why everyone tries so hard to save her....they shouldn't question why she tries so hard to save everyone else!!!! Well said ELENA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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@jay are you for real????

firstly,we don't know if they need all that to break the curse.i think kat lied and only a doppleganger is needed and even if they needed all that i think klaus can get a any witch and vampire etc. faster.

What do u mean by "weird eye contact"??I think she kinda remembers and wanted to tell Damon she loves him too but she couldn't say it directly so she kept repeating it so damon could understand but...he didn't

I think that's is the most stupid and brave thing she's done.She just can't sit there and wait for Klaus to kill all the people she loves when she can just surrender and get it over with.Though they will kill themselves after she dies.

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That's weird to say, she's not any less special than you and I. She is a fighter and she might not seem like it i some episodes, but how would you react if you had a whole army of vamps after you?

And about the eye contact - IT'S CALLED SHOWING YOUR EMOTIONS! She might not love Damon yet, but if someone you know says to you that they love you or that they are protecting you (like Damon did with the "I'll carry you out"-scene), your eyes would not be empty, they would act 'weird' because you feel something whether it's hatred, lust, love or another emotion.

And right now, everything IS about her. Screw Tyler's transformation, he doesn't have a clue that Elena's in danger and forget Bonnie's fooling around with a warlock, this is a matter of life and death and without Elena, there would not be a TVD.

And she is not stupid because she only thinks about herself regarding the mooncurse. You can get a vampire from everywhere same with a witch and a werewolf thugh there aren't many left. You cannot have another doppelgänger.

Basically Elena wanting to sacrofice herself is the most nobel thing right after Stefan wanting to commit suicide, because she is thinking about her family; Jeremy and Jenna are not safe and Jenna was almost killed because of Elena, so right now Elena is acting unselfish and righteous.

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@damonsucksmyworld nobel would be toomuch its adumb idea because of her someone is going to die i know she feels responsibel but oh i don't want u to do it crap!who is going to save her everytime she try to be a hero and righeous?yeah everyone around her is in danger because of her but its stupid for her to want to go to klaus when everyone is doing thier part  to keep her safe and i rather see taylors transformation than see her talk about sacrifice me stuff! another question is i heard there is another doppelganger the first one or something do u guys have any idea?

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Well the whole serie is about Elena, so she is a bit special. And I also agree that she did a nobel thing. Damon and Stefan cannot keep everybody save all of the time. She doesn't want to be saved, so maybe they just have to let her go.

I'm totally not interested in the whole werewolve thing. I want to see more Caroline/Stefan-time, want them to bond and become good friends.

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It's not a dumb idea, because Elena being sacrificed would save her family though it wouldn't save the world from being talking over by vampires if that's what Klaus wants. And every single minute the Savatores, Bonnie, Jeremy and all the others try to save her, someone close to her could get hurt, so it would be better for Elena's family if she just sacrificed herself. That has nothing to do with her wanting to be special because Bonnie had done the same thing if she was the doppelgänger without being the protagonist.

There is another doppelgänger, but she is dead by now (if she's not a vampire which I hardly doubt she is). 

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Sometimes I find it annoying how everyone loves her sooooo much, but it's reality. There are people out there that everyone just loves and adores and wants to be friends with.

I think Elena put it best... I don't question why everyone tries so hard to save me. You shouldn't question why I try so hard to save everyone else.

It just seems so much more intense for some reason. I don't know if it's just because she is one person totally willing to sacrifice herself or what. But I understand where the annoyance comes in. She just goes about it in a ridiculous way.

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i agree with jay. shes annoying and i seriously want her dead. For so many reasons. I hate how mean she is to Damon.  its obvious he really likes her but she still gives him dirty looks and accuses him of everything. He has a heart too you know . ALSO I ABSOLOUTELY HATE THAT STUPID HEROIC ACT SHE DOES. I mean seriously, even though she KNOWS everyone cares for her she still sacrifices herself when its OBVIOUS they're going to suffer from her death. Its like shes begging everyone to notice her and tell her they love her and will do anything for her. D:> In my eyes shes a conceited irritating child. If I was in her position, I would work together with everyone to try and find a way that makes sure no one dies.  Why can't Caroline be the main character.. shes a much better person than Elena.

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oh gods, how funny it is on just how much everyone's opinions changed about Miss Cardboard, since those times.

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