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^in tv shows? lolnope.

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In TV-shows as well yea. Well maybe not tons then. Martin Scorsese is one.

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Who mostly does tv documentaries. 

And let's not joke around. Boardwalk Empire only is as good as it is because of Terrence Winter. 

And neither Sopranos nor Boardwalk Empire is an ensemble genre show closer to a documentary. 





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Santa Maria!

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They are one and the same.

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god she's so fat

ever occur to her that she cant wear bright colours as she will look more like barrel than she already is

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No one told her that she should stop trying to turn her own fanfics into a tv show either 

Or she just physiologically is unable to hear criticism.


I don't know








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hahaha you better do it now.

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I hope this will make her remotely interesting!

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i think it's too late to make her interesting. any try will be taken as pathetic :(

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