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Well it's kinda a tie, which usually never happens. I usually pick one ship and I'm with them until the end. But I must say it's between Bamon and Delena. At first I was a total Bamon shipper, and a Stelena shipper. But Delena has really grown on me, they are so cute together. I pretty sure that the episode where Elena and Damon we on the road trip together got me hooked on them. Not to mention the dance scene that was totally hot! As for Bonnie and Damon I know we wont get them for awhile, but they are my future couple. Stelena just got too boring for me, I mean it was just too Twilight romance for me.  Does anyone agree? Delena now, Bamon later? 

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That's what I'm saying haha Get Delena now and hurry it up and then we can have our bamon!

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