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Dropping this by from Hollywood life:


‘Vampire Diaries’ Scoop: Candice Accola Rejects A Klaus/Caroline Romance & Gives Hope For Tyler





Candice tells that Klaus & Caroline won’t work as a couple because, well, he’s just too evil.



Remember when newbie vamp Caroline (Candice Accola) needed Stefan (Paul Wesley) to show her the ways of the fang? Well, the student officially becomes the teacher on the March 22 episode of The Vampire Diaries, as Caroline takes a new pupil under her wing: Bonnie’s (Kat Graham) mom, Abby (Persia White)! “Caroline has stepped into the role of mother so beautifully this season,” Candice tells




But don’t worry; Caroline won’t be overwhelmed trying to manage Mystic Falls’ first-ever witch/vampire hybrid. Such things can’t even exist!



“Abby officially transitions into a vampire, and you can’t be both,” Candice explains. “You’ll learn in the episode about how [transitioning] affects your being as a witch, and the loss of your powers.”



OK, now let’s talk about what you all came here for: the details on Caroline’s hot mess of a love life!





“Klaus is still pursuing Caroline,” Candice assures me. “He’s very relentless. He’s pursuing her with just as much gusto as he is putting together his hybrid army.”



But Candice is quick to note that “Klaroline” shippers might be getting a little ahead of themselves.



“Everyone’s so excited about this potential thing between [Klaus and Caroline], but it’s so funny, because I think viewers are forgetting that Klaus is a really bad guy,” she says. “This is evil Klaus who murders people unforgivingly, threatens Elena’s life constantly, and uses her for blood. He’s not a good guy.”



In fact, as Candice points out so eloquently, Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and Caroline’s entire relationship is built on manipulation.



“Caroline is really just using Klaus to relinquish Tyler,” Candice says. “She’s playing the game a little bit so that maybe he’ll do that for her out of love. Right now, he’s not really buying it. … If this had been season-one Caroline, she would have fallen hook, line and sinker into that British accent. But season-three Caroline has grown up. … She’s not falling for any of his tricks.”





And speaking of Tyler (Michael Trevino), what’s to become of the sired little hybrid who broke Caroline’s heart — and bit her neck — just a few weeks ago? Caroline’s got some good news for all you “Forwood” fans:



“Tyler will be back in Mystic Falls, and Caroline and Tyler will see each other,” Candice promises. “We’ll see how that plays out, if he was able to cure himself of his sire bond — or if he wasn’t.”



Man, is anyone in Mystic Falls good with relationships?




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A spoiler I was happy to read.

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Lol this went crazy on tumblr. She's forgetting that most fans get excited over the craziest ships, and she's team delena! This ship is the worst though
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Wooooohooo! Now I like the sound of that! 

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Gross no, she'll be in trouble when he sees through it
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Yay I actually really like this spoiler xD
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But season-three Caroline has grown up. …

The only character to do so on this show.

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Well that's more like it,i'm so happy.
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I'm always happy to read about Caroline..and boy did caroline grew up.She's the strongest girl in MF

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Candice seems to be one of the few with a decent perspective on wtf is happening on the show. This was all great although it she thinks that this;  threatens Elena’s life constantly, and uses her for blood. is a bad thing. This would definitly go on Klaus' "pro" list of pros&cons.

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