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Like: Elena

Love: Damon - well he's Damon...

Dislike: Isobel cos she is well a maniac who doesn't have any feelings for her daughter, Uncle John cos he's a psycopathic idiotic vamp slayer oh and also I hate the fact Meredith isn't in the show (yet?). I perfer her to Bonnie in the books!!

First Impression: Not ANOTHER vampire related show, oh well I'll give it a chance (I was proved sooo wrong cos its sooooooo good!)

Confession: I liked Anna and Pearl why oh why did they get killed off!!! I hated Delena but am now torn between Delena and Stelena!!!!!!! :( Why do both pairs have great chemistry togeather - Why do I have to choose!!!!! 

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LIKE: matt

LOVE: damon!!

DISLIKE: bonnie, i used to like her but now shes annoying!!

FIRST IMPRESSION: stefans like edward cullen with an evil twin lol

CONFESSION: i used to like love stelena but now that ive seen damons sensitive side im a die hard delena fan and i think damons the right guy for elena DELENA FTW!!!

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Like: Elena :')

Love: DAMON xD

Dislike: That they killed Anna Off :'(

First Impression: Just another stupid vamp show, another take off from Twilight and True Blood. (I was sooooo wrong)

Confession: I never used to mind Stelena. Infact i used to ship it for the first few episodes but they i saw the light and followed my instincts. DELENA FOR EVERRRRR!! :')

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LOL. I always get excited to see Mrs Salvatores posts. They just crack me up. I would participate in the game too but Im on my cellphone so the format would be crappy and all paragraph-like.

oh shiz this is late but


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