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Actually, I mentioned in this thread earlier.. Guess you guys didn't see it.. 

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Actually, I mentioned in this thread earlier.. Guess you guys didn't see it..

Sorry, my bad :) I don't read the really long posts, so I missed that memo :)

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'S okay. Is anyone getting killed in the next episode 'The Sacrifice'? 

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'S okay. Is anyone getting killed in the next episode 'The Sacrifice'?

My money is on Rose!

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1) the two people at the start of the first one...

2) Do Jeremy's parets (Elena's aunt and uncle) count??

3) Coach Tanner

4) Zach Salvatore

5) Mason Lockwood

6) Vicki Donavon

7) Bethan

8) Frederick

9) Henry

10) Mrs something from the house

11) Anna

12) Pearl

13) Lexi

14) Logan Fell

15) Aimee

16) Sarah

17) The guy who Caroline... eats.

18) Harper

19) Mayor lockwood

20) Vampires in the basement

21) Noah

22) Ben

23) Bree

24) Slater

25) Trevor

26) Katherine's family

27) Giuseppe Salvatore

28) Umm... Jeremy technically died.

29) Uncle John technically died too

30) Alaric also technically died

31) Deputy guy who tried to kill Stefan and Damon

32) Other deputy guy who tried to kill Stefan and Damon

33) The vampires who tortured Stefan

34) The people who were camping in the tent in the first season and then Damon ate them.

35) Old woman who owned the cottage

36) Teenagers at the woods when Damon came and turned Vicki


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The guy who Caroline... eats

Makes them sound like cannibals. Well, vampires are sort of cannibals. Sort of. 

Yeah, I would count Jeremy's parents in. Because it was mentioned and it was shown. 

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What about Emily?

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Did Emily die? I thought she just unpossessed Bonnie. Her body died but her spirit, did it die? 


I would count Stefan's father in because his death was shown. If Emily's death was supernatural or it was shown then I would count it in. 

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1.The couple, human (Pilot) and another couple in the tent (Night of the Comet) [4]

2. Coach Tanner(Friday Night Bites)


3.Zach Salvatore, human (You're Undead to Me)

4.Vicki's friends died in Lost Girls[4] and Vicki died a vampire in Haunted.[1]

5.Lexi, vampire, Stefan's best friend (162 Candles)

6. A bunch of people Logan kills( The Turning Point)

7.Logan, human turned vampire, (The Turning Point)

8.Bree, a witch and Damon's friend (Bloodlines, killed by Damon for betraying him)

9.Noah, vampire (Unpleasantville)

10. 3 people Katherine kills in 1864 in front of Damon and then makes out with blood with him.( Children of the damned)

11.Ben, vampire (Fool Me Once)

12.Sheila Bennet, died out of being drained of all her energy( Fool me once)

13.Hiker in the woods, human (A Few Good Men)

13.Trudie Peterson, human, Isobel's best friend (A Few Good Men)

14.Bethanne, vampire (There Goes the Neighbourhood)

15.Frederick, vampire (Let the Right One In)

16.Mrs. Gibbins,the owner of the house Pearl stayed in, human (Let the Right One In)

17.Most of the vampires in the house Pearl stayed in except for Pearl, Harper and Anna (Let the Right One In

18.The Salvatore brothers' father, killed when he kinda got impaled and Stefan fed on his blood (Blood Brothers)

19.A girl Stefan brought to Damon, he kind of forced Damon to complete the transformation (Blood Brothers)

20.Pearl, vampire, staked by Uncle John (Blood Brothers)

21. Harper,vampire, staked by Uncle John( Blood Brothers)

22.Mayor Lockwood, human with werewolf gene (Founder's Day)


23.Anna, vampire, staked by Uncle John (Founder's Day)

24.The vampires in the building (Founder's Day) Lets just say at the end of it all the 26 vampires died. 

21.Carter,human killed by Caroline (Brave New World)

22. Jimmy, human friend of Mason's (Kill or Be Killed)

23.Deputy cop 1, human (Kill or Be Killed)

24.Deputy cop 2, human (Kill or Be Killed)

25.Mason Lockwood, werewolf (Plan B)

26.Aimee, human, killed by Katherine (Masquerade)

27.Sarah, human, killed by Tyler (Masquerade)

28.Trevor, vampire, killed by Elijah, one of The Originals (Rose)

29.Slater, vampire, compelled by Elijah to drive a stake through his own heart (Katerina)

30.Old woman who owned the cottage Rose stayed in, human, staked by Rose who wanted to stake Katherine, and bitten by Katherine (Katerina)

31. Katherine's family and servants( Katerina), about 5 people

32. The two vampires sent by Klaus, killed by Elijah( Sacrifice)

More than 75 people have died on the show. Lol

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