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Honestly, He's too skinny he looks like a little school boy. His voice is too feminine for me and he doesn't have a strong jaw that make guys look manly and sexy (Ian, Josh, Rob,Eric Dane just to name a few). I bet he doesn't have a six pack :S


Anyone else feel this way??

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^Nope. I think you're on your own with this one. Sorry dude :) I love me some Klaus. His voice is amazing, i have a thing for accents, and his bod is as well for a guy that doesn't have a natural amount of body weight that can be toned into muscle, he's doing pretty OK in my estimation. PLUS HE'S SUPER CUTE AND RUTHLESS. My kinda guy.

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Well since i am a guy. . .

I fancy his voice and accent. But i agree on the schoolboy thing. When i saw the pics of him before he was on the show, i didn't see the appeal. He was cool in the flashbacks but he looks like a kid in present time.

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I don't find him attractive either. Although I do like his accent. But I have a thing for accents :) He's just ok. I much prefer Ian or Paul

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Past Klaus looked menacing.


Present day Klaus? That redneck farmer you saw plowing fields few days ago or buying a bigmac.A huge huge meh.

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I don't like Klaus either... He just seems way too evil and stuff.... I don't actually find him that hot....

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I wouldn't describe him like you @pink... but I think Damon, Elijah, Tyler or Stefan are hotter than him... but I like his voice and his accent!

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Well i'd say it's about Damn time something actually evil comes to town. First we had Damon. He turned out good. Then Anna and Pearl. Well they turned out good as well. Then Katherine. And she also turned out, maybe not good, but not a villain either. Then Rose&Trevor came. They got good. Then Elijah came. Then he got somewhat good. The werewolfs weren't bad either, they just fought for a cause. Oh, and Isobel also ended up good, she just got compelled.

Klaus is the first ACTUAL evil we have seen in this show so far. He needs to stay that way. Any sign of a romance or anything with him, at it will be the end of his scary days. He dosen't look intimidating at all, but his actions is cruel. He needs to stay the big bad till the moment he eventually dies.

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When I first saw Joseph Morgan I was really disappointed...I did not feel attracted to him in anyway....but now I am beyond attracted to him...that voice, those eyes, that smile...I love him...Klaus is so sexy...I love everything about him....I love his accent...I love how he says "sweetheart"'s so hot!!! And when he says "ripper"....WOW!!! Let's just say it's my new favorite word....WOW!!!! It's so hot!!!! haha

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I agree with everything @teamdamon4ever said. that's exactly how i feel about klaus.

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