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Where are all the Jeremy fans? Seriously? I read all these comments, and I'm like, is it only me who loves Jeremy? Damon is very awesome as well, but I'm on Jeremy's side...

Any other Jeremy fans out there? Anywhere? =D

p.s. Loved how in season 2 episode 1, Jeremy got 'promoted' to leather jackets =D but suddenly... everyone else stops wearing them. Fail, Jeremy. Fail.

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I love Jeremy =] 

Have done since the beginning, it's annoying how little there was of him in 2x01 for me his story was the biggest cliff hanger and then they kind of just brushed it off, I nearly cried when Damon broke his neck though.

And I'm sure there are loads particularly Jeremy and Anna fans.

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Lol, there's a granmd total of 2 jeremy fans =P

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Catherine. //.♥
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LOL I'm a Jeremy fan, that makes 3 of us hahaaa xD

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Jeremy and Annaaaaaaaaa





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I love Jeremy ;) He is one of my favorites.

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Five Jeremy fans! That's an improvement on 2 =D

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Though I sleeplessy admit his realtionship with Anna was the reason that got me to love him.

But hey-Jeremy's such a sweatheart!!

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I'm a Jeremy fan.

hated anna but i've always loved him.

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And I wasn't a big fan of Anna either. Though her last scene was pretty sad..

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