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He pisses me off. 

His character gets even more annoying as the season goes on. 

And he has a bad reputation of his girlfriends dying, I dont want Bonnie to be next.

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It wouldn't upset as much as some of the other characters he died. But I would feel bad for Elena and Jenna.
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Dunno if Jeremy's my fave to go, but I could see him die like Andy on Charmed. (Andy was trying to save the sisters when a demon killed him). I would picture Jeremy maybe-death like that, him trying to save Bonnie (or Elena) and Klaus killed him with blinking. No long death or anytyhing, just a 'Cedric Diggory' death :) That would be sad though...

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ha harry potter :) ! so cool you brought that up haha still love it at 22 ghehe :) but jer deserves a better death than that i think :). 

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I actually like Jeremy, but we still have more deaths to go and I think he might be one of them. It would be really sad for Elena, Jenna and also Bonnie, though. But agree that if he dies, his death should be quick while trying to save someone he loves, probably Elena.

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I've always liked Jeremy....but lately he just doesn't do anything for me....and if he died...I wouldn't really if he dies, he dies..but poor Bonnie and Elena... and Jenna!!! poor Jenna!!!! 

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Jeremy shouldn't die! a) It'd crush Elena. b) It'd hurt Bonnie c) The show'd be minus another human character. d) He doesn't deserve to die! Why does everyone hate him? :(

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I really don't get why you people think he would die?

I understand why some of you hope it, since he was only cool with Anna.

But him dying so far dosen't make sense? Klaus dosen't even know of his knowledge about vampires. He have a ring that Klaus might not know what does, and he dosen't know(or any of his subcordinates) that he have it. It would be seriously weird if he suddenly dies. He isn't really at risk. He have been pretty useless the last couple of episodes, pretty much since he got the moonstone from Katherine. He haven't really done an impact on the story. His death would really do nothing to the story, other than Bonnie would cry a tad, and then be alone forever.

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@DamonSucksMyWorld extra credit for the Charmed mention - lol

I liked Jeremy for the most part  in season 1 but lately he hasn't given much to the story so I think that's why people want him to die. he would be one of the 3 deaths till the finale and he would spare the life of characters we REALLY don't want to die. I agree that his death would be tragic, not just because Elena and Jenna would lose a relative but also because he's too damn young. but if it's between him and another of my fav characters, I'm willing to let him go. I'd also like it if he died to save Damon. I know it doesn't really make much sense, since Damon's not someone we'd expect him he's die for, but it would be kinda cool since he besically "killed" him in 2x01.

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@DamonSucksMyWold: you mean this scene:

I revisited it again, and it always makes me cry over and over. lol Kudos btw

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