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Can someone please post here the whole history of Katherine.. cause i'm a little confused

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I'm only going to write the basic stuff, then someone can elaborate if necessary:

Katerina had a baby in 1490 outside of marriage, the baby girl was therefore a 'bastard', so his farther took her baby away and gave it to someone unknown. Then Katerina was disowned by her family and she went to England and became Katherine, where she met Klaus and Klaus found out that she was the doppelgänger and he needed her to break the sun and the moon curse but Katherine would rather die than help him so she hung herself after receiving some of Rose's blood (because she was hurt) and therefore she died and became a vampire. Now she's been running from Klaus ever since and because she ruined his plans, he killed her family in return in 1492. And now Klaus has come for Elena...!

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