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am i the only person feeling incentuous vibes from those two? idk cause in 3x03 it was like okay you're really close and that's sweet but like onwards it just feels like um... 

and let me add the fact that claire holt and joseph morgan have great chemistry lol 

what do you guys think?

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I get incentuous vibes from all of them... Damon/Stefan, Elijah/Klaus, Klaus/

The way Damon and Stefan get so close...and the way Elijah looked at naked Klaus in the woods in 2x22...and the way Klaus broke his belt in the flashbacks in 3x08...and the way Elijah loves Klaus' aztec drawings...and all the Rebekah/Klaus scenes!! TVD IS FULL OF INCEST

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They were very much like a couple in love in the flash backs! But since the episode was very likely inspired by Red Riding Hood (the movie), I find it hard not to feel the incestuos vipes :)

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 But since the episode was very likely inspired by Red Riding Hood

OMG! Yes, that's what it reminded me off!!!

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:P I'm glad you noticed it too! :)

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OT: We've seen four siblings now and two parents - don't Rebekah, Elijah and Klaus have one more sibling? I don't know if it was ever confirmed that there were seven Originals but if there really are, they need to cast Max Irons! (Henry from RRH)

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^ Yes i think there is one more. Someone said that there was 7 at some point. . . But they made a lot of mistakes of earlier statements from S2, in this episode. . .

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Henry was the cute one right? The one she was supposed to marry right? I prefer the other one...the HOT ONE!!! :D LOL

Elijah said in 2x19: "My father was a wealthy land owner in a village in Eastern Europe. Our mother bore 7 children." So there are 3 left to meet!!!

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Yeah, Henry was 'the boring one'... I liked Peter more because he wasn't 'the safe one', but somehow I find myself liking Henry more and more (like I do with Stefan on TVD e.g.).  Besides that, I've always liked Jeremy Irons (Max Iron's father), so his son is naturally a loved one of mine AND he has an accent that Shiloh Fernandez cannot do! Try to watch this four minutes short film with Max, it's so werid yet good!

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"My father was a wealthy land owner in a village in Eastern Europe. Our mother bore 7 children."

One died from the plauge in Europe Elijah Klaus born in old MF Rebakah born in old MF Heinrik born in old MF   That leaves two we still have not meet, and Julie has said we will not meet them all this season. We do not know the birthplace for Elijah or the other two, or their birth order. We can assume that since they were not in their parents house when awakened while in transition, that they are all older than Klaus and live elsewhere.
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