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I just wanted to write down some theories here.

WHo's this Michael?Why Klaus is so afraid of him..

I have an idea that it's not just the simple vampire hunter (he also is immortal cause he has been living for such a long time)...maybe he's bounded with the first Petrova (her beloved's one or smth like that)...?

and one more question:who can be the Original witch?


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I think Michael is daddy original, Rebekah's real dad and Klaus stepdad. just have that feeling :)
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Of course it's not just a regular vampire hunter - he's only after Klaus (and Rebekah). He's most likely the Original father taking revenge on his bastard 'son' and his betraying daughter. This would make Michael immortal and make him more powerful than Klaus when he was just an Original vampire.

The Original witch is most likely dead (I don't think that witch used a spell like Gloria did to keep her from ageing properly) but I think Bennett witches are the first ones, so Bonnie is perhaps a descendant from the Original witch.

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Wait but Klaus, Renecca and also Elijah have mentioned that Klaus's killed the entire how this Hunter could be the Papa Original?Also Kat told Stefan she heard about this Hunter...

it's someone else...someone's husband, beloved's one, brother?and it seems to me that he's really bounded to Original witch or original Petrova...That searching and hunting for Klaus seems like the wish of a revange...

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No, Rebekah said in S3 that he killed most of their family and there are 7 Originals, but only 4 coffins. 1 for Elijah, 2 for the siblings and 1 for the mother (only a theory, the mother could also be alive and the father 'dead' etc.).


The Original father would want to have revenge over Klaus because he's not his son and to add to that he's part werewolf - a vampire's greatest enemy.

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Red Dawn
Klaus is running from Michael most likely because Michael know's how to kill him. As for who is Michael I have a feeling its Klaus step-dad. It would be cool if Michael was the Original werewolf but i doubt that.
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One of the coffins could also be Rebekah's, meaning that there are two Originals besides Klaus and Rebekah still alive.

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its obviously daddy original. Rebecky went all taery eyed family-issues girl when asked about it. It will be some sad story about klaus throwing an emo rage fit for being unloved and trying to build a new family while daddy original is hunting him to get his own family back. ngh..


why did they make those guys originals is beyond me :[ If they were some other vampire family then this woul dbe decent storyline, but originals deserve a lot more than family issues plot. 

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This would make Michael immortal and make him more powerful than Klaus when he was just an Original vampire.


Why exactly would he be stronger than Klaus before becoming a hybrid? They are equally old, equally Originals, hence equally strong(before the curse broke). 



Also if Klaus didn't kill all the other family members, no doubt that Elijah would have sat down with to come up with a plan to kill Klaus. He had one, sure, but if the others was alive, they would be in on it too. Elijah also stated that Klaus  hunted them down and killed them all, till it was just him left.

I don't get why it is obivously Original father. Couldn't it as well be Original brother, or would that be TVD repeating themselves, because Elijah already tried that? Have there been spoilers on it being Original father? Also if it was an Original, why the hell would he sent in local police with useless wooden bullets? If it was him and he knew how to kill them, he would have went in himself asap. As an Original he would know the velocity and speed vampires have. 

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I wrote that assuming the father was turned/created/whatever first, meaning that he's stronger (according to 'vampire laws'). I didn't think of it as 'they were all turned on the count of three'.


Looking at Sebastian Roché and the women cast as the Original mother, Michael (assumming that's Roché's character) cannot be the the brother, he's simply too old looking for that, though he's not even 50 yet. And Elijah couldn't have sat down and planning a guerilla war against Klaus because they obviously all fled from Klaus when he went rogue. Michael used the police as a cover to get rid of all humans using the prohibition of alcohol in the 20's as the reason for the razzia. But since vampires are not well-liked he disquised himself as a police men (I think only Michael used wooden bullets), because using speed etc. would blown his cover.

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