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Who is the most annoying character on the show?

For me, it's Caroline.

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Jeremy, I can´t stand him

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Pearl. I couldn't stand her. 

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At first it was Caroline, now, after she came back, Bonnie has been getting on my nerves.

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jenna  the aunt she RUINED the katherine / damon kiss 

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Definately Jeremy, especially in the last few episodes.

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LOL. Im gonna get killed for this but to be honest, I dont really like Elena. Which is wildly bizarre because shes the main character and is beautiful, smart, courageous and strongwilled. I respect her very much as a character but I cannot for the life of me let her in. Maybe because shes so perfect. I dont know.
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In the beginning of the show it was Elena. But she has gotten better. Now it is a tie between Caroline and Jeremy.

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Bonnie, she betrayed Elena.....

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umm. this is tough i think im gonna just pick one thing about everyone that buggs me

elena: she never rlly saves her self

jermery: he is still so in love with vikki he wont let anyone in/ the way he tried/killed kill himself was lame

matt: hmm.

stefan: he acts like he knows what damon will do all the time

damon: he says elena is his only friend not true (alaric)

jenna: ?

alaric: he wanted his memory gone and he hasnt made a move on jenna


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