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I wish they would have introduce the father first but I would like to see how Esther is in flashbacks with Klaus and Elijah. From how they describe her, she reminds me too much of Narcissa Malfoy from HP series.

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Wait how was she described? I only read the new article on it on the TVF site so idk much about her....

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Wait how was she described? I only read the new article on it on the TVF site so idk much about her.

Fierce, feminine, protects family and values family. Usual stuff.


Frankly I am not expecting much, but hopefuly I will be surpised. The Originals storyline(minus klaus) still has so much potential for awesome things. 

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I can't wait!!! I'm excited about all the Original members!!! 

I have a feeling that even though she wants to protect her loved ones...I think she's going to side with Klaus...I just see her as someone who will always find an excuse for Klaus...I'm probably wrong...but she had an affair, obviously she must have loved Klaus' real I think she'll protect Klaus more than the others cause he's all she has left of her love...that's my theory...

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Hopefully the flashbacks mean we get to see: ELIJAH!!!!!!!

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Did they say if Esther appears in a flashback or in the present day for the first time... cause that would mean that Elijah is getting revived!!! :) And Klaus also killed his mother with a dagger, so I don't think that they have such a great bond...

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Flashback. They pretty much said taht no originals inpresent day till midseason when steff goes back to good guys.

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Red Dawn
Wonder if we see more then just their mother in the flashback.
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Maybe Original Mum could come in a dream to Klaus and tell him to get the dagger out of his big bro or else she would kick his behind..hehe

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I was hoping that the original family would be german because Klaus is a german name and they already turned Catarina, who was german in the books, into bulgarian.

But they're searching for an actress with a british accent.

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