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Here is the latest. I'm sure you all are starving for anything TVD like me. :)


Though it's two weeks later, we're still reeling from "The Vampire Diaries'" jaw-dropping season finale. Anna! Katherine! Oh my! Though we still have a long, hot summer to bear until season 2 starts, we can give you a few huge hints as to what the next season will hold. And we did say HUGE! "VD" executive producer and writer Julie Plec sat down for a THREE HOUR confab with The VRO to chat about the growing Elena-Damon-Stefan love triangle, Tyler Lockwood's true nature and whether beloved Anna will ever return.

When last we left Damon he was smooching Elena, or so we (and he) thought until moments later when she whipped out that big butcher knife and let us know she was really Elena's look-a-like, naughty vamp Katherine. So will deceived Damon continue to woo Elena in the upcoming season? "The only thing I can say about them for season two, is that it's going to be a very profound triangle," Julie said rather coyly, though she did drop a few hints. "Damon's still got a long way to go until he's man enough to deserve Elena. But he has a strong pull, a strong draw." But with Katherine stalking Mystic Falls, Julie says to expect more of a "love square." Though I was never good at geometry, that does sound rather intriguing, no?

And speaking of the ancient vampire diva, Julie confirmed that Katherine and Elena are indeed related (unlike in the book series), and that their connection will continue to be revealed. "Our position is very much that the bloodline is the Pierce bloodline. Isobel is part of that, as is Elena. Elena looks like Katherine, they're doppelgangers. That's the big question that will continue to be asked deep into the second season."

Julie and creator Kevin Williamson's overarching goal for season 2 is to integrate the other characters outside of the love triangle, especially Tyler Lockwood (Michael Trevino). "Tyler is crucial to this mythology," Julie said. "The werewolf element is crucial to this story. Season two is big time about the Lockwoods, so the first thing that happens is Mrs. Lockwood steps in as interim mayor." And if Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) survives (wink, wink), Julie alluded to that fact that he and Tyler could share a strong connection. Another new bromance on the horizon will be Stefan and Matt (Zach Roerig). Yes, Elena's ex and current love will become "true blue" friends.

One character whose screen time shouldn't be counted on is the dearly departed Anna (Malese Jow), who Julie emphatically confirmed is dead. "As far as we're concerned, Anna is no longer in our world. Now, there's flashbacks and all kinds of opportunities in the future, but Anna is dead." But if it's any consolation, the cast and crew were just as bummed about her departure as we were. In fact, when the crew found out she was being killed off they made "Save Anna" T-shirts. How cute!

Here are a few other fun tidbits to sink your teeth into:

-Julie hinted that Stefan, Elena and Jonathan Gilbert may not be the only ones with diaries. "Who knows, maybe Katherine had a journal back in the day," she teased.

-We'll continue to see flashbacks from 1864, but the writers have also brainstormed more current scenes for future seasons. An ongoing joke is Stefan and Damon partying at the now-defunct nightclub Studio 54.

-Ever wondered what happened to that menacing crow that flew around the first few episodes (we did!)? Julie said the crow and fog, which Damon both controlled, seemed a little too supernatural for the show—and that's saying a lot for a series revolving around vampires!

-Julie sometimes has to nix story ideas because they're too similar to things that have happened in "Twilight" or "True Blood," "I'll pitch a story, and [Kevin] will be like, 'No, we can't do it. "True Blood" just did that.'"

You can listen to the entire three-hour discussion right here. Julie, we're officially convinced you can out talk anyone! But still, thanks for the great scoops.

What do you think about Julie's season 2 spoilers? Who do you think Elena is meant to be with? Are you happy the crow and the fog are gone?

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^^^By the way, this is from six hours ago at Hollywood Crush news. Here is the link:

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awww stefan and matt seem sooo cute <3

i've always thought it was strange how stefan was supposed to be the 'good' one but damon seemingly had more friends. so i'm glad stefan develops his own side bromance!

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I wonder about this love square. It almost suggests that Damon will not be the only one mixed up in Katherine's machinations. And I can't wait to see Stefan and Matt's new bromance. That should be interesting.

I was so sure that Damon knew it was Katherine. Ahhh, Julie does like to play with the viewers. I already knew that Elena is related to Katherine. That's old news.

Tyler story should be interesting.



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i've always thought it was strange how stefan was supposed to be the 'good' one but damon seemingly had more friends. so i'm glad stefan develops his own side bromance!

It's about time that Stefan got some friends. :)

Please, please let them do the Katherine journal angle. I would love to see what she was like in the past, or at the very least, delve into her sadistic mind. lol

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sexywesley..* can never understtand u lesbians

Another new bromance on the horizon will be Stefan and Matt (Zach Roerig).

...why am i such a h0r for bromances?

"Who knows, maybe Katherine had a journal back in the day," she teased.

i really hope she kept one, i bet she writes about how good they are in the sack ;) oh...and measurements and everything ofc. LOL


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Oooh this is interesting :P

I can't wait for a Stefan/Damon/Katherine confrontation...because the last time the Salvatores saw Katherine, they were mere mortals..humans. NOW they are vampires, and I'm sure they beat her ass down!

And if Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) survives (wink, wink), Julie alluded to that fact that he and Tyler could share a strong connection.

Lol you've kind of made it obvious that he survives now! I'm glad :) But does that mean that Jeremy will become a werewolf too? A strong connection? Aren't vampries and werewolves enemies though?! Anyways, I can't wait!

And I love the fact that they're already writing eps in future seasons! That's awesome that they're so committed to making the best show ever :)


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YES to the disapearing crow and fog. I'm watching the pilot now thank god they got rid of that. And omggg tied for the hottest bromance ever! With dalaric of course. Go jyler? And go meffan? Statt? That's going to need some work
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WOW a love square... never seen that before!!!! I can't wait for delena to happen!!  I can't believe that damon is gonna think that it was really elena he kissed;) He's going to be so shucked when he finds out about katherine! I really hope elena doesn't find out he "kissed" her, because then she will just get mad and be like you knew I was with Stefan, why would you try something...


Great build up for damon and elena. I bet Katherine is gonna get really pissed off at elena because she has both guys pining for her just like Katherine did in 1864.

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WOW a love square... never seen that before!!!!

Really? I think that love quadrangles are actually very common on TV shows now. And most of the time I can't stand them, but I think the Katherine angle on this show is unique enough for it to be interesting.

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